Conservative: Martyn Parker

Rawmarsh By-Election Candidate Statement – Martyn Parker

I was born in Kilnhurst and  lived in and around the area for 20 years which included living in the Parkgate  area and attending a local Comprehensive school.

After leaving school I worked  at Central Engineering Workshops and Brinsworth Strip Mill for seven years which  were both part of British Steel.

In 1986,  under Mrs Thatcher’s government, I was made redundant from Brinsworth Strip  Mill, so I experienced at first hand the hardships and sacrifices made by the  working man. However, I channelled this in a positive way and took the  opportunity to retrain which allowed me to secure a job as a vending engineer  where I worked tirelessly for seven years before I decided to make the brave  decision of starting my own vending business, which has now been established for  nearly 20 years.

As we all  know, the common misconception people have of a Conservative is a posh,  privately educated person born with ‘a silver spoon’ but the people of Rawmarsh  can clearly relate to someone such as myself who has strived to work hard for  all of my life and has been committed to providing a living for my family and  contributing to our society.

I know the  value of hard work, I know how tough it can be to provide for your family on a  limited income but at the same time, I know that through perseverance and  dedication, we can achieve anything that we want.

I have  previously been a councillor for RMBC from 2008-2012 and this was a very  significant part of my working life because it allowed me to constructively  challenge the Labour run council and hold them to account but most importantly because it allowed me to serve the people of Wickersley and relate to the issues  affecting them.

My message to the people of Rawmarsh is: a vote for the  Conservative Party is a vote for experience, a vote of absolute commitment to  our local community and a vote for someone who knows how our council works and  how to make sure Rawmarsh is given a fair  representation.

Promoted by Omar Mehban on behalf of Martyn Parker and the  Conservative Party, both at 1b South Terrace, Moorgate Street, Rotherham, S60  2EU

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