Rotherham Elections 2015

Rotherham Politics Election coverage starts. This is where voters will find all the information they may need to decide where their votes will be cast!

It is a General Election in every sense of the word in 2015.

Three parliamentary seats, Rother Valley, Rotherham and Wentworth & Dearne, 21 Borough Wards and too many to count parish and town council seats, all up for election on the same day. A nightmare for the staff who run the elections, our thanks go to them for taking on a herculean task this year.

Rotherham Politics will publish all material from Candidates bearing an imprint. We would welcome the co-operation of as many candidates as possible in this endeavour.

Please submit .jpg files if possible attached to an email to Rik at Rotherham Politics, click here for email link.

Anyone who sees an election leaflet, not yet published on Rotherham Politics, is also invited to contribute.

Rik is very interested in gathering any campaign anecdotes from readers, again let me know, using the email address above, including details of preferred attribution.

Below is a list of political parties known to be active in the borough, again any more? let me know, Rik

Democracy requires choice to be given to the voter. That requires individuals to populate the candidates lists, necessary for an election to take place and I am confident of a wider choice than ever, will be available to choose from this May.

This blog is independent of all parties organising locally.In an election period, my readers I believe, are entitled  to the widest of sources of reliable, information, that both allows the greatest level of scrutiny of RMBC and of all the candidates during election periods.

Previously the Labour Party has taken the view that co-operation with Rotherham Politics was not in their interests.

I very much hope, the Labour Party changes it’s mind on this, as the numbers of Rotherham’s voters, getting information from this blog rapidly increases!

It is now they, who are missing out from reaching those, perhaps vital voters, this May. Remember Gerald Smith won, with a three vote majority last May and there could be some very close results indeed this May. Every vote counts!


Political Parties Active In Rotherham:

British National Party

Conservatives =

Green Party =

Labour Party =

Liberal Democrats =



Roth LG 07_06_2014

UKIP Rotherham takes the campaign online!

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Another sign that politics has moved online. This is Rotherham UKIP’s web offering: .

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