Mary B Josephs

Lies, Damn Lies and Rotherham Labour Group

Here we go again…a Labour group that evades the truth to protect itself, and the usual cry of traitors in the camp, who “leaked” Yasseen’s efforts to get charges dropped against the self named “Rotherham 12:” A group of Kashmiri … Continue reading

Cabinet Member Accused of Divisive Community Politics

A motion has been circulated for consideration at Labour’s next Boston Castle Ward meeting, please read it at the bottom… What we have here is member of Cabinet, Taiba Hussain, promoting a motion that actively seeks to interfere with due … Continue reading

Election Snippet 6: The Big Underlying Issue, the big deceit

Election Snippet 6: The Big Underlying Issue, the big deceit In September 2015 Rotherham Council Leader Chris Read signed us up for membership of the Sheffield City Region and a new Mayor. In true democratic style, the opinions of we … Continue reading

What’s Going on at Rotherham East?

Last Friday an emergency email was sent out by the Regional Labour Party to its Rotherham members. Candidate wanted for Rotherham East..apply immediately!  If you are interested, the selection process needs to be completed by the following Monday evening. What … Continue reading

Voices of Despair silenced, the voice of hope thereby muted.

We want the Council and Police to get a grip on Child Sexual Exploitation(CSE) and care for victims. We are all ashamed of the towns national and international reputation as CSE capital. We want the council and police and thereby … Continue reading

Still in denial?

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) and a Russian Doll Conspiracy SYP tried to instruct that Rik remove an article from RothPol. There was the usual statement about how it interfered with an ongoing trial, and a threat that action might be … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Many Mirpuri/Kashmiri men retained or have obtained dual nationality, holding UK and Pakistani passports…the myth being that it protects their links with their more cultured and cherished homeland of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir… where water is sweeter, the scenery more … Continue reading

Who are the Rotherham CSE abusers?

Who are the Rotherham CSE abusers? Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) – A wider term that includes the above CSE, along with other forms of illegal sex with minors. For example Paedophilia – a psychological problem well defined at ; mainly … Continue reading