Robert Teal

Candidate Statement for Robert Teal, Liberal Democrat

In the last few weeks, two scandals have rocked local people’s faith in South Yorkshire. Decent and hard-working rank-and-file officers have been let down by failure at the very top.

I am not part of the Establishment that has let local people down. I have simple principles; the truth, the trust we are entitled to have in our Police, being open with everybody, and doing the things I say I’ll do.

As Police Commissioner, I will launch a transparent independent review into the how trust in the Police can be restored following the Hillsborough cover-up and the widespread abuse of young girls in Rotherham. I want the honest majority of South Yorkshire Police to know I am on their side.

However, I want to go further and put more police on the front line. Currently South Yorkshire Police Authority has a target for just 7 in 10 staff to be front line police officers by 2015.

I would target at least 90% of staff to be bobbies on the beat by 2015.

This can only be achieved by getting tough on unnecessary waste. This year South Yorkshire Police Authority agreed to wasteful projects like spending £100,000 on improving security at police stations and £70,000 reviewing a communications strategy.

I would cut out this waste to divert funding to front line police officers.

As a local retailer, I speak to people every day about their fears and experiences of crime. And as businessman, I know the effect crime has on the local economy and jobs.

There’s never been a more important time to have a voice of the people representing local interests within South Yorkshire Police.

When it comes to voting I naturally hope Rotherham Politics followers will give me their first choice. I also understand that many voters have traditional loyalties that they can’t abandon. If you feel you need to support the party that you usually vote for then I hope you’ll consider giving me your second choice vote: it could make all the difference.

Robert Teal

YouTube Robert Teal PCC

Published for and on behalf of Robert Teal (Liberal Democrat) by J. Brown (Agent) of 2 King Avenue, Rossington, DN11 0PG

5 thoughts on “Robert Teal

  1. Robert, I heard you speak at the Voluntary Action Sheffield event, and unlike Shaun Da Sheep’s usual ineffectual hopping from one-cheek-to-another umming-n-arring uncomfortable delivery you came over to me as a guy with one mission – putting the people first, plain, pure and simple.

    That simple philosophy of yours sets you way apart from your opponents who represent the vested interests of big business Tories or, worse still, the Trades Union barons and the junketing Rovrum Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns of Da Laybah Party.

    I wish you the very best of luck and sincerely hope that you can achieve electoral success and give a poke in the eye to Laybah who have so badly let down the people of Rovrum, and its children, in particular.


  2. Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this blatant piece of left-wing Laybah twitter-twatter-flutter rump-licking …

    Jahangir Akhtar ‏@Jahangirakhtar
    @Kronos_of_Roth come on laddie, you know that’s not true. Shaun will make a great PCC

    If Shaun Da Sheep achieves “great” status, then may the Almighty protect us from the worst that Rovrum Laybah can muster. Him as Police-n-Clown-Commissioner is indeed most disturbing for me. Run away and hide in the hills. Abandon all hope, the end is nigh !!!!!!!

    Don’t forget this is the very self-same muppet who presided over the C&YP fiasco with a budget over-run of £4 Million … also the sordid and ongoing failure to protect our young children from grooming and sexual exploitation from gangs of Rotherham-born men of Asian heritage … and all the while was a Borough councillor and a member of the Police Authority … and a Magistrate too, oh and he who held high the A4 piece of paper with “Loser” writ large on the Council Chamber at the Palace of Fun, Mirth and Varieties, aka Town Hall Towers !!!

    Well, that may fit greatness in the narrow minds of the more-highly-paid-than-SCC-Councillors among the junketing-mad RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, but guess what … it don’t fit my definition of greatness … not in this or any other lifetime.

    Talk about but party first, second, third, and fourth and sod rationale and reason … it’s all about how it will appear to Da Dodger and the THT-Lubyanka Grooip.


  3. I am totally disgusted with Jahangir Akhtar, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to get the leadership of RMBC. Good old Michael Sylvester has suddenly realised that his former support of Shaun the Sheep is not a particularly good idea if he wants any credibility in Rotherham. According to him all 5 candidates are too right wing, so quite where that puts Mr Sylvester I don’t know.teh fact that even local Labour MPs back Shaun Wright shows the level to which the Labour Party has sunk. Keir Hardie must be spinning in his grave,

    The murkiness of Shaun Wrights associations and former conduct would have got him laughed out of any nomination anywhere else but around here, except perhaps in Humberside


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