Fair Votes in 2014

This is the Page that deals with issues surrounding the awful state Rotherham’s democracy.

Elections offences are of two types, corrupt practises and illegal practises:

Corrupt Practises:

Undue Influence
False application

illegal practises:

Multiple voting and proxy voting
False registration information and false postal or proxy voting application

Other general offences:

Making false statement under perjury act
Using a false instrument under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981
Conspiracy to defraud
Public order offences

Quite a list! Detailed examination of these offences, how they happen and how to spot it and put a stop to it, will be made public for all to see, here and elsewhere on Rotherham Politics.

Quick links to relevant posts on the subject of Fair Votes:

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Team Rotherham fighting the Cuts?

Akhtar is unhappy that both Tory and UKIP (let’s call them TUKIP) Councillors aren’t helping  Labour figure out where cuts can be made.  He’s so pleased with this deep political insight that he talked the Tiser into printing his thoughts … Continue reading

Gird up thy loins…we’re in for a dirty fight

I’m girding my loins for the forthcoming elections. A few snippets….more to follow The commitment by ordinary Labour members to supporting their shower in the elections is in significant decline. Even been heard that many Rotherham Labour members will be … Continue reading

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