The Rotherham Local Elections 2016 All in one place!

Rotherham Local Election 2016 coverage

Links to the Ward by Ward coverage:

Anston and Woodsetts
Boston Castle
Brinsworth and Catcliffe
Rother Vale
Rotherham East
Rotherham West

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The Battleground:

Labour’s Majorities in descending order:

Majority 22_05_2015











Rotherham Elections 2016 Posts:

2016 Election Selection Dejection

There are 63 seats to be contested in Rotherham’s 2016 Council elections….3 councillors for each of the 21 Wards. Sadly, well maybe not so sadly, none of the political parties can at present find sufficient candidates to contest every seat. … Continue reading

Another way of looking at the serving Labour Councillors

Another way of looking at the Labour Councillors, would be to list them in order of first election to the Council. So I thought I would take on that little challenge and below is the resulting information. This reveals much … Continue reading

UKIP’s own candidate issues

This gallery contains 1 photo.

UKIP is also engaged in the search for a panel of candidates, to present to the electorate as an alternative administration at next May’s ‘all out’ local government elections. The magic number is 63! Would appear to be quite a … Continue reading

The political season starts here

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After the summer holidays are a memory, the political season starts with the party conferences. For those political parties intending to field a full set of candidates at next May’s ‘All Out’ elections in Rotherham next May. 63 candidates, are … Continue reading

Democracy, Sir? – A response to Sir Derek Myers

This rather petulant piece, made it into the letters pages of this weeks Advertiser. I read with some interest the article in then July 24 edition of the Advertiser about the £800 per day Sir Derek Myers’ views on the … Continue reading

They think its all isn’t

What other than genes, link Banaras & Sageer Hussain, recently charged with numerous counts of CSE, including rape and pimping, with their family member Akhtar? I know, and if you read some of the reports and newspaper articles you can … Continue reading

2015 a more complex picture?

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Add just a little more detail, and a much more complex picture emerges of this years election results. These results were also affected by the increased turnout caused by the General Election. Local issues, were simply ‘drowned out’ by the … Continue reading

Labour’s 2015 success

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Friends who were present at this year’s local election count report, the same exaggerated celebrations and pride at the size of their majorities, despite having lost the second General Election in a row, whistling in the wind’, perhaps? The increased … Continue reading

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