UKIP: Caven Vines

Caven Vines states his case:

UK Independence Party
Straight talking. vote UKIP
UKIP stands for bringing back power to the people; for decisions
made locally, not nationally; for common-sense policies that make
people’s lives easier and a Local Government that does what people
need and no more:
Ÿ Tax should be as low as possible (stop wasting our money)
Ÿ Protecting the green belt-opposing wind farms.
Ÿ Cracking down on anti-social behaviour.
Ÿ More police on the streets.
Ÿ Cutting council executives and managers, not front-line services
Ÿ Control immigration.
Ÿ Giving real decision-making to local communities.
Ÿ Money for local services, not the EU or other foreign aid.
Ÿ Our membership of the EU costs £53million per day and
£23million per day goes out to foreign aid. While our own
Jobs, Services, and Benefits are being cut and our town goes to
the wall.
Ÿ We are facing an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians in 2014
where are they going to live ? We can’t house our own.
Ÿ This needs to stop NOW enough is enough. VOTE UKIP

Published by Caven Vines,30 Whitley View Road, Rotherham S61 2HL Printed by WFO Printers, Wortley Road, Rotherham,S61 1LZ

Tired of the old politics of the
Lib / Lab / Con?
Do these old parties deserve your support
Join us in Changing the future of local politics
By voting UKIP on MAY 16th
Straight talking
Caven Vines

Why should you vote UKIP in your local election?
UKIP stands for bringing power back where it belongs – with the people.
We believe that local councils should be more directly responsible to local people and less in thrall to central government. Elected councillors should put their communities first, not party politics. Important local issues should be put to binding referenda. Councils should serve their people not just spend their money. Do you know that whilst the Government is reducing the grant to local councils, it is continuing to give away £53 million per day to the EU and £23 Million per day in foreign aid. Plus, on 1stJanuary 2014 the UK will open its doors to unlimited numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians – who will come not just to work, but to take advantage of our housing, schools, benefits and health services.
Proposals are being made to use large areas of our green belt to build social housing to deal with this ever increasing influx. This has to stop. We can’t afford it. This will affect yours and your children’s future. You have the power to start down the road to common – sense policies by using your hard won right to VOTE YOU can truly make a difference. If you vote.

John Wilkinson, Rotherham UKIP, statement in full:

“Let’s be clear: the ‘Guardian’ and others have got it wrong.
Caven Vines has never been a member of the BNP.

Any working relationship with Marlene Guest finished years ago. At the time Mr Vines was on Council Watch with her it should be noted that he was an Independent councillor and she was a Lib-Dem. After working with her over 10 years ago is it wrong to speak to her when meeting in public – at the count for instance?

Just so you all know.”

John Wilkinson
Agent for Caven Vines UKIP candidate for Rawmarsh ward.

Caven Vines – A little local difficulty?

Ukip stands by Rotherham local election candidate with BNP links Party’s treatment of Caven Vines contrasts with its withdrawal of support for Cornwall candidate who had been BNP member Helen Pidd, northern editor, and Rajeev Syal The Guardian, Wednesday 24 … Continue reading

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