Don tries to enlist support over Wickersley Library

Dear RMBC Cllrs Andrew, Astbury and Donaldson,

I am informed that our Wickersley Community Library does in fact fall within the Hellaby Electoral Ward for which you are the duly elected RMBC Councillors. I have also previously sent this same e-mail to the Wickersley Ward Councillors Ellis, Read and Hoddinott for their attention and response.

I have received the attached information relating to planned “changes” (aka “cuts”) to our local libraries service and I am astonished to find that our own magnificent library here at Wickersley which is currently open for 45 hours per week is proposed to be cut to 40 hours per week!.

Our library has 66990 visits per year and 3642 active borrowers (among the highest number according to RMBC’s own figures!

I note with a sense of sarcasm and profound disappointment that by comparison the library in the Aston Ward will INCREASE its hours while it boasts a miniscule amount of support from its host community – Aston Library – currently open for 44.5 hours per week -53155 visits per year – 3158 active borrowers – proposed increase hours to 49 per week.

Once again the residents and ratepayers of Wickersley are destined to be disadvantaged and to see their hours transferred to a community who show nowhere near the level of support as that of Wickersley’s residents and ratepayers.

My feeling is that once again my village is on the receiving end “of the Grald effect”.

Please will you inform me of the following at your earliest convenience –

(a) do you intend to oppose the proposed reduction in Wickersley’s Library hours?

(b) if not, why not?

(c) what specific, measurable, active measures you intend to take to oppose the proposed reduction in Wickersley Library’s hours?

(d) do you intend to organise any public meetings, and when and where, across Hellaby Ward to inform the public of your plans to oppose the proposed reduction in Wickersley Library’s hours?

(e) do you plan to oppose the proposed reduction in Wickersley Library’s hours within –
1. the Rotherham Labour Group, 2. RMBC Cabinet, 3. at full Council Meetings?

(f) if none of the 3 above, please inform me why not.

(g) do you intend to make use of the media to conduct a campaign of opposition to the proposed reduction in Wickersley Library’s hours.

I also note with considerable derision that RMBC are spuriously claiming to be responsible for the creation of the new Wickersley Library, whereas in fact it is my firm belief that the Wickersley Community Centre and Library building is owned by Wickersley Parish Council and was a project that was initiatied and actioned and funded entirely by our Parish Council and that RMBC merely rent space from the Parish Council to use for library purposes!

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

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4 thoughts on “Don tries to enlist support over Wickersley Library

  1. Now there’s no need for sarcasm!

    Well actually, there’s every need when dealing with the muppets that make these doltish decisions.


  2. Don dontcha know there are and always have been certain area’s of Rothrham which qualify for special status. If you have a hot shot Councillor then you will get all the facilities available if your Councillor is a nowt then you get nowt. Kiveton and Wales are prime examples we have nowt and will never have nowt. Your Parish Council have provided what Rotherham have failed to and now you will be punished for it. If you had a hot shot Councillor – one of the inner circle – your library would get extended hours and have been paid for by Rotherham.


  3. Grald Smith – hotshot!!!!

    ho ho ho ho, ha ha ha, aa aa aa – stop stop, I can’t brea……………………………


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