13 thoughts on “Bernard Froggatt declares for Anston & Woodsetts

    • I wonder if he will be bringing some Christmas cheer to Anston, a Christmas tree would be nice, but we have had six years of excuses why we can’t have one of those. Woodsetts a village a quarter of our size rolls one out every year, in the centre of the village. Perhaps Bernard can have a word with father Christmas and arrange. Or this year the fairies may put one up, while every body is asleep.


      • To be honest I don’t agree with many UKIP policies but one thing is for sure, Labour in Anston need to get a bloody nose in the elections it things are not going to change. If UKIP manage to take out the trash then more power to them.


  1. If he was anything like Caven (the Rawmarsh guy) he would be writing about what he can do for Anston and Woodsetts, not just a couple of sentences out of UKIP national policy.

    Are there any Clean Coal plants in production anywhere in the world?


    • That’s the problem, it seems to be about national policy and not what he can do for Anston. I want to know what he will do for Anston and I best not forget Woodsetts. I have written an open letter to the Guardian asking him to state what he will do to improve the life’s of Anston people. If you combine Anston and Dinnington, we are actually as big as Retford, Dinnington has a decent shopping centre and a few services, the good folk of Anston have nothing. When I was a teenager we had a great Youth club, but there is nothing for the kids. We have lost our local library and council offices in South Anston. We shared a swimming pool with Dinnington, that we donated 50% of the proceeds to as children, which was trashed by RMBC. In fact Anston is nothing more than sprawling housing estates with no facilities and shops.


      • Yes Tim, that’s the problem that I see.
        I totally admire Caven and what he is doing, but;
        UKIP energy policy as described in that pamphlet above has just missed the point, and
        the “80% of our laws are controlled by the EU” paragraph is utter nonsense.
        (it’s not that I’m defending the EU Commission – they are near hopeless (based on my long experience of working with them!) but it helps if you get your facts right, ).
        Anyone hoping to be elected in the Parish or Council elections should be campaigning on local issues alone.
        [end rant] 🙂

        Anybody know who is standing in Aston?


      • Regular reader. UKIP nearly beat the Liberals in Eastleigh, but the main reason they failed is that the Liberals had control of all the ward councils. So what UKIP are trying to do is gain control of all the ward councils across Rotherham. I was going to stand for UKIP in Anston, but I wasn’t willing to stand on national issues, I was happy to discuss the immigration issue off line, but I wouldn’t have been happy it being in on a flyer I was involved with, as it isn’t an issue in Anston.


  2. Tim
    You can’t stand for a party without believing in most of their policy’s
    That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them all and UKIP don’t whip there Councillors so we can represent the community we are elected to represent with out fear or favour that’s why I joined UKIP after being a Independent for many years.
    So please don’t keep bleating on about UKIP national policies doing anything for Anston.
    UKIP Policies are Like all other party’s aimed the governing of the Country
    But locally we represent the needs and the wishes of the majority of our ward electorate
    So get the majority of Anston residents to give us their mandate and I can assure you your UKIP candidate Bernard Froggatt will represent their wishes
    Like I do in Rawmarsh we know and respect the tax payers wishes and in doing so we do all we can for the wards community And unit we gain a majority in the Council all we can do is keep plugging away representing the people we are elected to represent.
    So tim please stop being one sided and ask what would a Independent candidate do for Anston
    Well I can tell you a lot less than a UKIP candidate can a independent candidate is truly isolated I know I speak from experience
    So you will not know what a UKIP Councillor will do for Anston until you try him
    The people of Rawmarsh was brave enough to give me a try and we will know in May if I have gained there trust and honoured my pledge to them as a UKIP Councillor.
    So come on Tim
    Support us or put your hat in the ring and show us how you would make difference as a Independent in Anston
    You talk the talk try walking the walk believe me it’s a very long steep steep walk


  3. Caven. I want to see the back of Labour in Rotherham, I go further in saying I want to see the back of the rotten RMBC. I have written a open letter to the UKIP candidate which has been printed in the Dinnington Guardian and I have suggested what I want to see in Anston. It’s up to Bernard to now reply and tell us what he is going to do for Anston and then we can make an informed decision whether we vote for him. I like you, but I know nothing about Bernard. As an Independent, I would be concerned about mass immigration in area’s of RMBC, but wouldn’t bring into local politics in Anston, as it doesn’t exist here. RMBC know of my possible intentions to stand and like I said it will take me two weeks to deliver flyers all around Anston and Woodsetts, I ran the Sheffield full Marathon in the past and I cycled to Wentworth last year from Anston so am still pretty fit, so the delivering of flyers will be very easy. I like a challenge, ask my Latin teacher. Cheers Tim


    • The more blogs the better as far as I am concerned!

      The more people that are mobilised, keeping a close eye on those that claim to serve us, the greater the chance that change will come.

      Welcome to the blogosphere, Tim and all the best for the future!.


      • Rik. What are your views on breaking RMBC down into smaller areas? I would like to go back to the Kiveton rural district, which provided us with a much better quality of life in Anston. Actually creating one big entity called RMBC, has increased costs and reduced the service. in 71 the rural district had a population of 26K, I bet it is now closer to 35K and on top of this we could purchase services from surrounding districts. All the best Tim


  4. Bernard and his wife are personal friends of mine. I live in the South of England and don’t know much about the needs of your area but I do know that Bernard is probably the nicest, most honest gentleman that it has ever been my pleasure to meet. If he says he is going to do something then he will move hell to the high water line to get it done. Go get them Bernard !


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