One that went by the wayside earlier

Couple of interesting scans from our intrepid spotter of inconvenient web pages!

Although this business lasted just over a year, it would appear to have been registered at the Unity Centre! How so? Is this unique or are there more?

Higher Ambitions 1 Higher Ambitions 2

12 thoughts on “One that went by the wayside earlier

  1. mansha hussain the secretary? this is non other than the ex chairman of the hackney carriage association of rotherham mansha hussain!!! the one thats now a private hire driver in sheffield yet still attends the private hire and hackney carriage meetings in rotherham, why you may ask? well let me throw some light on the matter for you rothpol, mansha is the left one out of the 2 that asbo has in his underpants so to speak, mansha has been asbo,s runaround and “go fetch me this, go fetch me that, do this and don’t forget to do that” ever since we can remember in rotherham, he’s an utter disgrace of a human being who does all asbos fetching and carrying, he might as well be called asbo junior as far as the rotherhams public are concerned, mansha’s extended family all live in asbo,s ward and at a conservative estimate there are probably 80-90 voting adults in the extended family of mansha hussain, maybe a good incentive for asbo to keep him on side you might think eh? the extended family are also know as “the dirty dc’s” a bit like the dirty dozen from well gate everyone knows about but its just they live in ferham!!!!!!


    • Mansha Hussain and his family are divided and have major issues with elders apart from Mansha and his immediate family they do not support labour party.
      Between them all they have is 30 votes not 80.
      The DCs family known as D*CKS FAMILY in rotherham are hell bent as Jahngir Akhtar.
      Mansha Hussain needs to be investigated by INLAND REVENUE.
      He was on the board when Azeezam akhtar was slotted in the post at REMA.
      They have swindled millions of charity money from unity centre, from Steve Rodgers, Adbul Qayoom asbo and family etc.
      I believe public enquiry needs to be held and each one of these rogue traders needs to be investigated that includes the Sajid Bostan, Mahroof Hussain and Shabana Ahmed.


      • “They have swindled millions of charity money from unity centre, from Steve Rodgers, Adbul Qayoom asbo and family etc.”
        Unity Centre never had millions to be swindled. Try reading the accounts.


      • ARR
        20+ houses owned by Akhtar, if each house is worth £100.000 then asbo has property over 2 million.
        £450.000 azeezams house in leeds.
        £100.000 porshe car driven by Azeezam.
        £30.000 BMW driven by akhtar.
        Shabana Ahmed missing £22.000
        The list could go on.
        I rest my case.
        Unity centre is run by asbo and his cronies.
        These companies are scam to cover the money laundering.


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