The worst Labour panel of candidates?

Even a cursory glance at this panel of candidates, that Labour is foisting upon the people of Rotherham, reveals some pretty deadbeat, partial retreads! What do readers think?

Ward Candidate
Anston & Woodsetts Jo Burton
Boston Castle Rose McNeely
Brinsworth & Catcliffe Alan Buckley
Dinnington Jackie Falvey
Hellaby Jeanette Mallinder
Holderness Gerald Smith
Hoober Brian Steele
Keppel Ian Barron
Maltby Amy Rushforth
Rawmarsh Jane Elliot
Rother Vale Richard Russell
Rotherham East Shaukut Ali
Rotherham West Jahangir Akhtar
Silverwood Pat Russell
Sitwell Kham, Tajamal
Swinton Stuart Sampson
Valley Dave Pickering
Wales Jenny Whysall
Wath Alan Atkin
Wickersley Sue Ellis
Wingfield Keith Goulty


14 thoughts on “The worst Labour panel of candidates?

  1. Do I spy Kevin Barron’s brother as candidate for Keppel ward? The butcher who tried to poison us with unfit chicken meat? Didn’t he also abuse his wife’s blue badge, when she was safely tucked up at RDGH? Labour can’t be taking the rise out of the voters of Thorpe Hesley, can they?


  2. Not forgetting Kevin’s daughter, Amy Rushforth, who is also under somewhat of a cloud too. To do with a complaint to the ombudsman, we are given to understand in an earlier post.


  3. Then there is Swinton & Stuart Sampson. By the rule book this should have been a women only short list yet Stuart, a Union Representative gets the nod without anyone in the Party challenging.

    The person mostly charged with doing something was Dazza, as DLP secretary and overseer of the selection process, who seems to share the mysogyny, if not the love.

    Then there are the hypocrites who bleat on about equalities and the need for more women in the Party.

    The hyporacy is the galling bit, whatever you may think about positive discrimination these people supposedly have fought for it. It would only take on or two labour people to raise a question in the right places and there would have to be an investigation by LP regional office.

    Where are you the feminists of Labour Group? Where are you Sarah Champion MP? I know you know, so there’s no excuse.



    • What crime did Neil License commit that caused Jahangir Akhtar to organise a putsch against him? Why did Swinton Labour Party go along with it? Was it because Neil was not an Akhtar supporter, and Akhtar wanted another vote to eject Roger in May?


      • Heard tell that Jahangir Akhtar bears grudges like no other. License dropped him it it, because of a tweet that displayed privileged information about Gillian Radcliffe. Akhtar was then denied the chairmanship of the PCP, as a result of the attendant embarrassment.


    • Dazza the hypocrite? The misogynist? He might have difficulty being fully conversant with labour’s rules, after all, I don’t expect he was much interested in the Tory rule book either, when he was a practising conservative?
      As one of Jahangir’s ‘useful idiots’, Dazza, is easy to take advantage of. Shaun’s dads money, comes in awfully handy in this respect? ‘Money can’t buy you love’, even in Rotherham. Dazza should learn that lesson, before he makes a complete fool of himself!


  4. Will Akhtar resort to type to hang on to his seat?
    The Biraderi tradition of clan politics that has been imported into many communities from the Asian sub-continent lends itself to the delivery of block votes to a party. Sometimes these postal ballot papers are taken to “voting factories”, to be filled in by party activists.
    Biraderi is a practice that infuriates young British Asian voters, particularly women, as seen in Blackburn, and as the whole country saw in the Bradford West by-election.
    Not a word of protest about this blatant vote rigging by any Labour councillor or Rotherham CLP.
    “Is it ‘cos I is black”?


  5. my experience with 3 of the listed cllr’s or not good , cllr ali , mcneely , and rushforth . gezza smith is too old now . what can be said about cllr akhtar which has not been said already .


  6. Falvey for Dinnington keeps the area Labour Party motto well and truly alive, nepotism rules. Her sister is councillor Havenhand who is also chair of the Rothervalley South Assembly, there are no points for guessing who the vice-chair is. The way to rid ourselves of these people is not by voting UkIP, another party, but by voting independent who’s only loyalty is to the people of Rotherham.
    Dave Smith
    Independent Candidate for Dinnington


    • Sounds good Dave, what’s your manifesto for Dinnington? Sorry if you’ve already given it, I’ve been away. I’m a big believer in independent candidates, but I’m finding over the past 18 months, when someone says ‘independent’ they nearly always mean mostly UKIP lol. (TBF, this time – better ANYONE than labour!)


      • Welcome back Warren, that’s the problem with anyone flying under the independent banner? They are just that! Independent candidates need to explain what they stand for, in more detail than required of local party candidates, as they have no brand to stand behind.


  7. I wish you success Dave. Fighting and beating the Labour party in traditional Labour seats is not easy but Caven Vines did it so I hope you can too.


  8. Thanks for the good wishes I believe we have to fight the cuts, the council could if it had any guts at all refuse to implement them. I have heard some councillors are going to abstain in tomorrows vote, that for me is the cowards way out.
    Dave Smith


  9. Reading the above posts and all the manouvering and politics within the local labour movement by what sound like people hungry for persoanl power rather than hungry to make a positive difference, i’m appalled. Call me naive but if this is how the local party conducts itself then it deserves to lose seats. It looks like a major purge and shake-up is required to get voters to put their faith back in the party in our area. Do we really want UKIP running the show?


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