cowards flinch?

Can report that our very own ‘blue badge abuser’ has been named.

It is none other than Ian Barron, Kevin Barron’s brother and uncle to Amy Rushforth.

I am quite sure that Keppel ward labour party were unaware of this or his past involvement in the unfit chicken meat scandal, Operation Fox, it was called.

The voters are, as yet, completely unaware of these facts about their labour candidate this year in Keppel ward. Sure this will affect voter sentiment, once they do!

Keppel ward deserve better than this rather cowardly and disreputable candidate in May!

8 thoughts on “cowards flinch?

  1. What do we say about the party which can not find any descent and clean candidates! If mr I Barron gets elected in May, he may be our council leader and then we the tax payer will have to write off probably another £200000. Like we did for Reeds fiddle.


    • “What do we say about the party which cannot find any descent and clean candidates”.
      With respect Mr. Razaq, you don’t have to say anything, just don’t vote for that party. It’s not compulsory to vote Labour in Rotherham.

      By habitually voting for the party regardless of their candidate’s record or behavior is asking for trouble. The party leaders know these voting habits and will work in their own self interest not the voters. Do you imagine for a moment that if Rotherham and its council wards were not ‘safe’ or guaranteed Labour seats they behave this way?

      Denis MacShane is a classic example, he was known to be an arrogant, odious bully, a bad MP, and a chancer but the people of Rotherham kept re-electing him regardless.

      The peoples habit of voting for a party over candidate makes a mockery of democracy and gives the party leaders a green light to do as they please as Rotherham is finding out to its cost.

      Please note this is applies to all the parties.


  2. The Labour party will not inform the residents of Keppel ward of Barron’s wrongdoing so it is up to the opposition parties to highlight just how this man is unfit to be a councillor.


  3. The Barron’s plural have some explaining to do? Cover-ups always are worse than the original crime!.

    Had this miscreant accepted his guilt and taken it like a man, this would be just ancient history!

    The continuing cover-up, makes this a current matter. I wonder just how foolish this is and all to protect one man?


  4. I’m surprised Colin Barron can get his hands on a ‘blue badge’. They are scarcer than rocking horse poo in Rotherham – for those that need them anyway.
    Having had a ‘blue badge’ for over 20 years and my disabilities recorded with Social Services, when it came to my renewal you would have thought I was trying to rob the Mayor’s Chain.
    I was instructed that I must attend in person at one of the offices. When I explained I do not drive, do not live near an office and would find it difficult to get there.I also pointed out they have my records in Social Services. It really was a case of ‘tough’.luck.
    No attendee no badgeee
    I never ever abused my badge like this well paid Councillor – perhaps that is a pre-requisite of getting one (Abusing it or being a Councillor)
    Anyway I do not have a badge now – they can stick it where the monkey’s stick their nuts.


  5. Anne your not on your own. I had blue badge as my daughter is disabled and when renewing faced similair problems as you did. I never abused it . I given up renewing it as you did. Mr Barron will get one even after abusing it. This is OUR council and the way it works. They only there for abusers and their cronies. Totally fault of the scum we elected as they fail to monitor or regulate council departments. I dream that once we will have decent people in our town hall to provide a decent and fair service to the people not just to their cronies .


  6. @anne pleberous and Abdul Raziq:

    Slightly off topic I know but in case you are unaware persons with known/registered disabilities are covered by the Equalities Act. Section 8.5. The Equalities Act does not say a driver has to display a Blue Badge.



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