At last…..

“The Labour Party has suspended four members in the wake of a report into the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Jahangir Akhtar and councillors Roger Stone, Gwendoline Ann Russell and Shaukat Ali will now be investigated by the party.

Labour said in a statement: “As Ed Miliband made clear last week large numbers of young in Rotherham were systematically abused and then let down by those who should have protected them.

“It cannot be allowed to stand.

“Those responsible must be and will be held to account.”

Justice at last?


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46 thoughts on “At last…..

  1. … and
    “Labour said Mr Wright and fellow former party member Maurice Kirk will now need approval from its National Executive Committee (NEC) before being able to rejoin the Party.
    Labour also announced a series of preventive measures, including the establishment of a new “rigorous” selection procedure for Rotherham’s local government which will be overseen by the NEC.
    It said it had also told the Labour Group on Rotherham Council to establish a “scrutiny” committee on child protection.
    The party warned that further action could follow, saying those responsible “must be and will be held to account.”


  2. What about Paul Lakin and his advisor Christine Beaumont, both knew of these atrocities and who both are seeking re-election next year as well as Cllr Havenhand. What about Cllr mcNeely and Cllr Swift? Don’t stop at four, have a bloody good clearout!


  3. While they are at it they should be looking at any potential influences behind the planning approval for the new mega Mosque, the payments to PAK supermarket, the change of use for the old doctor’s surgery on Broom Lane and all the historical infringements of the taxi regulations.

    Don`t get me onto the property portfolios of our Pakistani heritage Cllr`s, that would make an interesting investigation!

    Behind the perpetrators of the child abuse must have been a cohort of official enablers who allowed them to go about their crimes without fear of arrest.


  4. Will Champion dump Akhtar as her election agent?
    This man is a poison chalice and an electoral liability.
    An investigation should also be undertaken into the woeful inertia of Thacker and Collins, both of whom cannot deny any knowledge of what has taken place under their noses.
    The lies,deceit and corruption within RMBC is slowly being forced to the surface and to the glare and scrutiny of the wider public.
    Rotten borough indeed!


  5. I think it was a year ago that I was posting how appalled by the lack of action by Rotherham council members following reports on CSE in our town. Everybody banged on about Akthar, Stone, Hussein, Wright, et al and still lies, denials and buck passing. The shame of our town is deafening. If I knew the way to get into the political scene in my town I damn well would. It is sickening that the only reason people didn’t act or speak out more was because of the fear of losing their job/salary. At least 1400 lives have been trashed (to put it mildly). Is that the cost of a council salary. Get rid and get in those who care about the Rotherham people and not how much their salary is.


    • Jason, some believe that we should form a save Rotherham Party, to provide a more left alternative to UKIP.

      For my part I want to see the current Labour Party disbanded by central office, then we can set up a new one that actually applies some proper left of centre principles.



  6. Social Services (enablers ?), Rotherham Council (enablers?) (South Yorkshire Police enablers?) and the Rotherham MPs (enablers ?)
    To be aware of such crimes and do nothing is culpable to be unaware of these crimes is incompetent. Now ask yourself again only four suspenend from the labour party.The whole of the labour party can’t be incompetent can they ?. Rothpol has been reporting child exploitation for years, I live in Sheffield and I have known about it since before 2012. So for the likes of
    Mr (I have famliy on the council and I did not know)Barron,
    Mr (if I keep my head down no one will know I am here)Healey
    and lets not forget
    Ms (My press officer is one of the suspened ones, but I dont know anything about it,I got the law changed,so don’t have a go at me) Champion
    think about your postions in the labour party and what you all look like to the people of South Yorkshire as for Mr (I will not I will not resign) Wright would you mindl if all of us council tax payers of South Yorkshire witheld and used the money that we have to pay to SYPD and sent it instead to the victims support groups that are trying to help the victims of sexual exploitation, the very same ones that don’t get any council funding. As for the council the people of Rotherham should withhold their council tax all together until the lot are gone. Oh and to all the labour apologists,you know who you are don’t the people have had enough.


    • Jill
      “Ms (My press officer is one of the suspened ones, but I dont know anything about it,I got the law changed,so don’t have a go at me) Champion”
      Insofar as Ms Champion has a “Press Officer” that person has not been suspended from the Labour Party, neither has any other member of her staff.
      “Now ask yourself again only four suspenend from the labour party.”
      It’s 6. (…but IMHO that’s not enough).

      Top tip – even if your opinions are nonsense – try to get your few facts close to right.


      • Well said Jill. Don’t let the prigs get to you. Chumpion apologists like regular reader are in full wagon circling mode. The point you make is perfectly valid – she is tainted and needs to do the decent thing, like so many others. And point of order Mr Meldrew, two of your ‘6’ jumped before they were pushed so they don’t count. Now take that big knot out of your flat cap, and make yourself a nice cup of tea.


  7. If we can convict decrepid old celebrities for what they did thirty years ago we can surely backtrack and convict all these perpetrators. The files are still all there presumably. The police have to make amends by arresting and charging as many people as possible. I wonder though whether there is the stomach for the sheer numbers that may be involved. If we saw a wave of hundreds of arrests across the country in the next few weeks the police could at least partly redeem themselves.


    • Miners strike, hillsborough, Rotherham and on tv at this moment the raid on cliff Richards home. How many inquiries can South Yorkshire police be involved in before being properly taken to task.


  8. Also, while they are at it they should check out who nominated Shaun Wright as Police Commissioner as a way of ensuring that the police continued with the cover-up.


  9. Will Shaukat be asked about his alleged promises of council jobs to women he was shagging?

    The question that needs to be asked is were the women attracted to Shaukat or was the attraction of council job that sealed th deal?


      • Look up the accounts of United Multicultural centre over the last 5 years on the Charity Commision website:

        Registered Number: 1099066


        Mrs Qureshi controls her private company Pumposh Enterprises Ltd. It states in the accounts that purchases have been made each year by the UNITED MULTICULTURAL CENTRE. In year 2008 : £13110, in years 2009 £9890. This is clear conflict of interest and defrauding the tax payer as UNITED MULTICULTURAL CENTRE is funded from taxpayer funded grants and awards.

        What service/product is UNITED MULTICULTURAL CENTRE purchasing from Pumposh Enterprises Ltd.each year?
        How do these purchases comply with legal requirements of independence, no conflict of interest and being proper and above aboard?

        The accounts show £20000 of tax payers money on motor vehicle(s). Is this the one Mrs Qureshi drives or does she get a charity company car?

        Further the accounts show £10,000 to Pakistan Earthquake relief in 2008 and 2009. Again did the £10000 each year come from the grants funded by tax payer?

        Looks like a Charitible organisation set up to provide charity and income to those running it!


    • Unity centre
      Diversity Forum
      All run by Asian councillors and funded by local authority.
      Meals on wheels, youth services etc have been cut back and all the money went into these organisation.
      No wonder these councillors are fighting to stay in labour party to make personal gain.


  10. Other enablers include the Pakistani community who remained silent, the Pakistani owned taxi firms who transported the victims to the perpetrators and the influential Cllr`s of Pakistani heritage.


  11. Why am I not surprised? These people have been ripping off the tax payers of Rotherham for decades now, just look at the Unity Centre for one, !and all in the name of Community Cohesion


  12. Why am I not surprised? These people have been ripping off the tax payers of Rotherham for decades now. Just look at the Unity Centre for one which provides over-paid employment for Akhtar’s thugs, all in the name of COMMUNITY COHESION and we all now know what that means. Cover up of child rape!!


    • Pepper corn rent means you get a free building for 50 years

      Funding goes direct for wages but if you had to pay rent of 1500 a month no wages

      People if Rotherham wake up


    • Will the Police take any action? Or will Community cohesion take precedence over defrauding taxpayer?

      The police provided a computer system for children to use at Eastwood mosque a few years ago. It was felt there was not enough space for the computer to be housed at mosque by the mosque secretary Sabir and it ended up in his house. This continued until people raised concerns and the Police made enquiries about the donated computer system. Only then was the computer system promptly brought back to the Eastwood mosque.


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