Andrew Norfolk – Serious questions for John Healey and Kevin Barron

Now some more excellent journalism from Andrew Norfolk.

This report raises serious questions for John Healey:


10 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk – Serious questions for John Healey and Kevin Barron

  1. From Healeys Twitter account

    My response to the Times – main concern must be support and protection for victims, prison for perpetrators

    Must do better than that, what a weak response to such a disturbing article, so he did know and blocked attempts to address the crimes, lock him up!


  2. Healey stated on Look North, outside Parliament the other night, he knew nothing about the Child Sex Scandal, yet this man ihas emails proving he did know. What a liar. Is this what the public have paid to represent us for all these years. He also knows and has seen documents to prove my father was deliberately killed in 2004, yet he has refused to help my family, th

    My father built up a very successful family business in Wath, employing many people for years, yet he stated he could nithing to help, not even ask a question in Parliament fir us. Completely useless to the general public,

    but who, what, are they covering up for?


  3. I have email Mr Healey four times over the last two weeks about the childrens CSE in Rotherham asking him how much he knew about the matter,no wonder he will not reply back to me


  4. “I am not sure an enquiry would help the girls and their families, especially if it focuses solely on Rotherham and on Asian men grooming white girls”.

    Erm, that WAS and still IS the problem Mr Healey. Given the total failure of the authorities to deal with it how could an enquiry NOT help? It’s kind of like saying “I am not sure an enquiry would help the families of the 96 who died at Hillsborough, especially if it focuses on the actions of South Yorkshire Police”. Muppet.


      • Banned from publishing any comment that may prejudice the outcome of the inquest, it’s not a blanket ban on referring to the Hillsborough disaster full stop. But I take your point Rothpol, and I understand your predicament as a blogger so it wont happen again. So I’ll re-phrase:

        It’s kind of like saying “I’m not sure an inquiry would help the family of Stephen Lawrence, particularly if it only focuses on the actions of the Police.” Do you see where I’m coming from? We all know the Police didn’t kill Stephen Lawrence, but their prejudices (he’s black so he must be a gang member) meant they didn’t do their job properly. Same thing in Rotherham, different prejudices ( the girls are all “little slags from kids homes” for example), but the end result was the same inaction.


        • You are correct in your argument, I was not arguing for a blanket ban on referring to Hillsborough, but no comment upon the inquest itself. Thanks Rik


  5. The dark forces of politics spread their net, but on the basis of some truisms But is it as the witch hunters perceive or is it just more mud slinging from supporters of even far worse views on females than what the current inept types or self serving types and the type of bullying that goes on in every group or organisation to be cowed towed by mainly males -though there are a few female councillors who have the saame bullying characteristics. And it also means that the inept or self serving -who like sheep followed the leader mentalit -into the horrific cover up in british politics and brought our town into such a disgraceful portrait around the world. But we all need to ensure that its not anger or emotions that rules our responses as there are certianly dark forces who seek the handing over of our town to the Fra right with all its consequences and by certain political animals who have as bad a record of demonising females tahn most of the councillors under attack have ever had.

    The truisms are that Healy did not want an enquiry that just focused on the issue of CSE for Rotherham only-as that would have skewed any enquiry into the whole of the issue across other parts of the country. Well that may hv sealed his fate at next general election but he was not saying cover up all sex abuse he was stateing a truism -why should Rotherham be the first to shine the light on the horrific CSE that is taking place across our land. Why has it taking 30 years to set up the enquiry into the establishment role in allegations of Paedophilia? Of course the home office knew about the isue in Rotherham as in many other towns over the last 20 years. Yet many in the media want to put the focus on the Left/Liberal Pc issues rather than the actual issue of sexism that in abundant in all societies..

    Another truism is that Mc Shane is known to be the most duplicitious of character’s.and is now seeking his revenge for being let down by his so called fellow New Labour followers. I have also witnessed his bullying at a surgery where he angrily shouted at an immigrant seeking clarifiaction of his status.In fact it is the nature of local and national politics through bullying is my claim taht has allowed not only politiacl parties to brutally -disallow their members or organisations bully their swatff -that has meant the -concept of whistleblowers -has emerged -though still not having full legality – as they should be. Neither political member nor staff members of any organisatiuon are listened to in an open and honest way-it is only the bullies that follow the leader mentality that succeed. Though i don’t think Healy is a bully on the Baron level.

    However Mc Shane’s description of Barron could well be another trueism in claiming that he was heard -making such agressive blanketing on the issue and -may also have some credance. Those that know him are have tackled him on issues -have clearly witnessed the bullying charcteristics -that he displays when he is in his Behove Barron mode. But doesnt this style by bullies in local and national politics prove where the problem lies. It is the bullies of Barron-Stone Akhtar-Key and others locally and the whole of the Blair/Brown/Mendelson project that bullied anyone that did not follow their political agenda of following Thatcher’s bullying in imposing harsh conditions and destruction onto the mass of peoples and communities that she excelled and enjoyed in destroying.

    This means that the bullies get their way and that is how the many councillors who cow towed and darn’t object to that allowed the cover up to carry on for so long.

    But if we all do not stop the widening of the witch hunt mentality that is allowing the issue now to label and harangue all close to the scene of the crime with outrageous and unthought out intricate understanding of the ruthlessness of politucal characteristics-taht create a subserviants by other layers -we are never going to seek justice and r4esoloution to the issues that confront all of our mind’s


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