Questions for Mahroof?

Ever since the latest interest in the child sexual exploitation scandal exploded, caused by the publication of the Jay Report, one has been conspicuous by his absence and lack of comment upon it.

Mahroof is living up to his nicknames Cllr Look, Duck and Vanish or another one, Cllr Duck and Dive, it would seem so?

One might have thought he would have made some form of pronouncement by now, given his Cabinet position for Community Cohesion for a good part of the time, the ‘looking the other way’, was happening. Surely he must have been intimately involved as Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion, for all those years? Community Cohesion issues are often cited as a reason, in part, for the failures to recognise and act appropriately by all Authorities.

It is time Mahroof told us what he knew, when he knew it, and a lot more besides?

What did Mahroof think he was receiving a Cabinet members inflated salary for?

He should be taking responsibility, not running away from it like a coward!

He helped to cause this mess, time for Mahroof to exit stage left! He is every bit as guilty as Jahangir Akhtar and Shaukat Ali, Mahroof should go the same way.

Reader assistance required. This photo, taken outside the ‘Gaza’ meeting held in the Town Hall is of interest to Rothpol once more? Identities for those on this photograph not already identified please.

Gaza DebateFront row, Left to right: Raja Rashid Khan (AK News Mirpur), Shakoor Adalat, Said Omar Mohammed*, Mahroof Hussain, Sarah  Champion MP, Haroon Rashid, Mahroof Rashid, Kaleem Rashid, Dr Ashraf.

Back Row, Left to right: Unk, Haroon Fashi, Arif Fashi, Muhbeen Hussain. Zahir Monir, Talib Hussain, Unk, Unk.

This was a charade, played out for the benefit of Mahroof’s public image in Mirpur. A video was produced by AKNews Mirpur, put up online and removed in short order, once exposed as bogus.

More questions for Mahroof later.

*Said Omar Mohammed AKA Stephen Mullins from Devon CSE and wife beating a specialty. That and web guru, turned to the ‘Dark Side’, Terminator video maker, I believe? Does anyone know if it is still up?

24 thoughts on “Questions for Mahroof?

  1. Perhaps you should ask the same question of all those fine upstanding members of the Parkistani community, you know the religious leaders, councillors, Lord whatever his name , Wasi how come they didn’t know anything or even tried to stop it. Perhaps the truth is they couldn’t give a damn about other communities apart from their own!!


  2. So imagine you are back in 2005. For two years a report has been circulating Rotherhams corridors of power. It Indicates that Kashmiri men have been implicated as CSE perpetrators on a big scale, names names and taxi firms involved.

    Mahroof is Cabinet member for Cohesion, and this report could well blow away all bonhomie between white and Kashmiri communities.

    What does he know about the report? Despite having access to those corridors of power…Nothing, he says. Somehow the whole Risky Business report passed him by.

    Flash forward to 2014 and an external inquiry is being undertaken into CSE, an inquiry where it is common knowledge that the CSE links with the Kashmiri men will again be looked into.

    Jay offers an open door for anyone with views, experience or even just opinion to see her.

    So here again, a major threat to cohesion, a threat that led to to unpleasant street demonstrations and an increase in racist acts.

    So where is the Cabinet Member with responsibilities for cohesion. Does he give evidence, does he comment to Jay.

    No….he did nothing. Mahroof, a man who knows so much about Gaza, yet so little about his own community.


  3. Front row from right – first some doctor I think he is looking at opening a surgery in rotherham so nudge nudge.

    Second And third the young man and a guy with the beard may be related but not sure.
    The bearded man used to be involved the the mob of leaders during the crises of rotherham but then got involved with a young lady half his age while he worked in Sheffield Council.
    Most of the others are taxi drivers of firms in rotherham that have been in the spot light.
    My source is a little vague but would like to find out who the others are by name.

    Again only one white face among so many Why?
    Where were the others and why did they not join in?
    These that are there are either family or out to become famous faces?
    I know good people who work very hard to support others that are in need but never call the press for a photo shoot to get their names in the papers.
    I know someone who goes to the soup kitchen in Sheffield paying for the expences from own pocket to help the homeless and needy but has never asked for any fame.
    This someone who deserves a mention for knight hood or honour.

    Which soup kitchen does Mahroof attend, his own when he does not get invited to others.

    Charity work is not I had a photo shoot to promote so and so I can get a Lord ship. It is the real people on the ground floor working very hard doing the things that these wanna be don’t want to do.


    • He is a former RMBC Councillor and he married the young lady for 3 months. It is alleged the young lady’ brother had restraining order put on him from approaching and coming jear this fine self-styled commuunittee leader.


    • The young lady was a recent school leaver (16 or 17 years old) sent on YTS scheme whereas he was 45+ years old married man working at the same place. He took her as second wife for 3 months and then divorced her.

      Nowadays you see him at Rotherham Show giving lectures now and again on Peace, religion etc..

      He was ostracised in the community and kept to himself for a while after this event.


  4. The following are right hand men of Moofy Mahroof Hussain.
    Said omar
    Muhbeen Hussain
    Zahir Monir
    Arif Fashi
    Haroon Fashi
    Raja Ak News
    This meeting was held after Free Palistine on the weekend.
    Not all on the picture are criminals.
    Never judge book by its cover.


  5. Shakoor Adalat is related to jahngir Akhtar former Deputy leader.
    shakoor is also on the Unity Centre board and his one of the students of Jahnghir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain.
    His always with Mahroof Hussains nephew Muhbeen Hussain aka wana be councillor.
    Shakoor is also TRESURER for the EAST LABOUR PARTY.
    Shakoor is here to replace his relative Jahnghir Akhtar, if he gets suspended.


  6. I’m a newcomer to this site and I don’t know where to start new threads so I will post here, why is Roger Stone allowed to resign and not have to answer any questions about what he knew about the grooming cases. Cllr Lakin had to appear before the committee in the HofC why not Roger Stone?


    • Welcome, thanks for your comment. You make a fair point but Roger Stone is not out of the woods yet!
      He will be properly held to account, in one investigation or another. It will take time, our patience is inexhaustible.
      To start a new topic by means of a posting, you will need to type your posting in an email to Rik, together with any supporting information, preferably as .jpg or .pdf.


  7. Apart from Sarah Champion MP only one person is credible on this photo is Haroon Rashid.
    His well respected within the community and he would be an ideal candidate for future councillor and he has no baggage like some community leaders.


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