For Sunday reading – An Interesting Blast from the Past

I found this interesting blast from the past.

According to page 6, Children and Young People’ Scrutiny Panel (Chair Ann Russell, Vice Chair Colin Barron) under the ‘Staying Safe’ theme.

“The Panel has looked at a wide range of issues including addressing sexual exploitation and the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements. The recommendations from the scrutiny review on the impact of domestic violence on children and young people have been implemented, leading to service improvements”.

Even in 2006 the Labour party were deluding themselves that all was well. Clearly the scrutiny panels were failing to carry out proper scrutiny of the committees they were supposed to be scrutinising and all should be named and shamed.

The make up of the Scrutiny Panel on page 27 is interesting and shows that the vice chair was Cllr Burton who still constantly claims she knows nothing of CSE even though the Scrutiny Panel were looking at ‘measures to address sexual exploitation of children and young people which is covered on page 18 (work programme 2007/08).

Several members of the panel have since been discredited including Cllr Ali and Cllr Dodson and of course don’t forget Cllr Barron who’s brother, that upright and dedicated MP Kevin, also claims to know nothing about CSE.

Oh and please read the introduction from the Chairman of the Performance and Scrutiny Overview Committee on page 3. I’ll let readers discover for themselves who that was!

The Badger

25 thoughts on “For Sunday reading – An Interesting Blast from the Past

  1. Any chance this document could be forwarded to Jane Collin’s Legal team wot a gift eh
    In a joint statement, the three MPs said: “It is sickening that UKIP could use such an important issue for party-political point-scoring, and we will challenge these defamatory accusations through every means available to prove they are untrue and to stop UKIP exploiting the terrible abuse for their own political gain.” BRING IT ON !!!!!


  2. Even more damming is this. The Performance and Scrutiny Overview Committee (PSOC) has the following remit:

    “The power to ‘call-in’ decisions made by Cabinet Members, asking them to give a full explanation of the decision or to reconsider the matter.” (Page 4).

    “Over the 2006/07 municipal year, PSOC has dealt with three call-ins. Though different in terms of content and concerns raised, the call-ins have included consideration of issues associated with community cohesion, the Council’s customer service strategy and what appeared to be a break with
    current council policy. In each case Scrutiny’s influence and intervention has resulted in a positive outcome for a range of citizens across the Borough.” (Page 5)

    The measures to deal with Child Sexual Exploitation were not ‘called in’ which suggests that the PSOC members agreed with the Children and Young People Cabinet as well as the Children and Young People Cabinet Scrutiny Panel.

    The abject failure of scrutiny is there to see and the people involved are all listed on page 27. Lets remember that the PSOC was made up of all Scrutiny Panel chairs and vice chairs which included Stonebridge, Whelbourne, McNeely, Austin, Russell, Burton, Barron, Boyes, Doyle, Jack and of course not forgetting the infamous Akhtar,

    The B.


  3. Funny how this post has been diverted away from highlighting those involved in failure in Rotherham towards making fun of a UKIP candidate. I wonder why that is?


    • Sorry Badger.
      it wasn’t intended – the real aim of my post was to clarify an earlier diversion into the Great Grimsby election – and as you will see it was simply a reply to the comment by Rothpol. Unlike you I didn’t great a new sub-thread – I simply clicked reply – as you should have done – imho.


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