The Women Who Blew Whistle On Rotherham

The Women Who Blew Whistle On Rotherham

These are the five women without whom the abuse of vulnerable young girls in Rotherham would still be going on undetected.

Alexis Jay, Sarah Champion, David Cameron, Jayne Senior, two Rotherham victims

17 thoughts on “The Women Who Blew Whistle On Rotherham

  1. Sarah Champion did not ‘blow the whistle’ on Rotherham that honour goes to Andrew Norfolk.
    I’ve heard of photo opportunities but Champion is not in the same league as investigative journalists.
    Is there an election some time soon??


    • Been saying that for ages, any photo opportunity and she’ll be there. And totally agree with you it was Northfolk and also Julia Bindle who brought this scandal in the open. All Champion is doing is going around pretending to be some aftercare therapists. You need to get the scumbag preptrators and their defenders.


    • Eloquently pointed out on twitter,

      “Have to laugh at SKY calling #SarahChampion a whistleblower, did she use one of those dog whistles because i never heard it ?”

      Haven’t seen her correct the inference either, though she did have this to say

      “Yay! “Only” worked 13.5 hours so far today, and now my train home has broken down. I love my job!”


  2. Champion never misses an opportunity for a photo-op. She didn’t “whistleblow” anything – she took it up because it had already been exposed and she couldn’t do anyhting else in reality but carry the torch.

    The woman is a fool. For example ….

    “Ms Champion believes that there should be sexual and relationship education at key stage 1 in schools so that children understand what a normal healthy relationship is.”

    key Stage 1, for those who don’t know, is for children aged 5 to 7. What a complete and utter moron this woman really is – sex education and relationships for 5 year olds ?

    What a self-promoting brain-dead looney – and this creature is an MP ? I wouldn’t have her cleaning my toilet.


    • She’s like the grim reaper, if there’s a tradegy, our Sarah will see a photo opportunity. One can not say she is shy in front of the camera’s., next she’ll be on get me out of here, am a celebrity.


  3. One has to agree Champion is a jonny cum lately & chancer
    But will the electorate notice?
    A complete sea change in Rotherham is called for but unlikely to happen


  4. Was struck by how chummy she was with Cameron. A much closer relationship than that on display in the Minster service Rotherham Forward not Backwards with fellow members of the Labour party. Maybe she’s thinking of crossing the floor or more likely looking for a job in the taskforce she keeps going on about


    • With regard to Sarah Champions relationship with Rotherhams Labour councillors- they have never accepted her onto the fold, they wanted Moofy Hussain and spat their dummy out when they didn’t get their way. I can understand their apprehension at an outsider being parachuted in (particularly one with seemingly no experience), but as we have seen, Cllr Hussain was deemed “Not fit for purpose”, along with the rest of the Labour councillors who wanted him as MP. Rotherham deserved a better MP than anyone in the Rotherham Labour Group was capable of being. Champion might not be perfect but she is better than any of that shower. That the relationship is still frosty, even after all that has happened and all that we now know, says more about the local groups attitude to change than it does about her abilities as MP.

      More importantly, the victims of CSE trust her. And that really does matter more than yours, mine or anyone else’s opinion.

      As for crossing the floor, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron has offered her the chance, but I doubt she’d accept. If she joined the Tories there isn’t a cat in hells chance she’d get re-elected in Rotherham, so why would she?


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