6 thoughts on “UKIP Event 17 March 2015

  1. I heard him on sky news being grilled by Kay Burley about UKIP’s immigration policy and I agree with RR with regard to him being good. He handled it very well even when she chucked in her favourite ‘last killer’ question about getting rid of maternity pay (7.30). Not only did he handle the question well without becoming flustered, he managed to successfully dispel the false rumours about UKIP getting rid of maternity pay.

    I can see a future party leader in the making.

    (Sorry about the quality of the film its the only link I could find)

    The B.


  2. Be careful what you vote for.

    I see the Telegraph has Farage saying that he would support Cameron along with the Ulster Unionists if it delivered a vote on Europe.

    The right the far right and the extreme far right in coalition


    • What Farage actually said:

      1. Timing is key.
      The EU is facing an existential crisis and, given that it only takes a few weeks to launch and organise a referendum, it should be held in 2015.
      2. The wording of the question that will be put to voters. ”Do you wish to be a free, independent sovereign democracy?’’
      This would be a starting point. The wording matters hugely. You only have to look at the wording of the referendum question in the Scottish independence vote to see that the ”yes’’ side was initially conceded to Alex Salmond. In 1975, the referendum question – ”Do you think Britain should stay in the European Community?’’ – that it afforded a great deal of wriggle room. Just over 67 per cent said yes.
      3. Eligibility. Who gets to vote?
      It is my strong belief that the four million EU citizens living in the UK without British passports should not be allowed to do so. And yes, that includes my German wife. They are eligible to vote in European elections but they should not have the right to decide on Britain’s future in the EU. It may be that that would require us to do battle with the European Court of Justice – but so be it.

      His demands are pure fantasy .
      — The timing is impossible.
      — The Electoral Commission would never allow that question.
      — Taking on the European Court of Justice is just a joke while we are still in the EU.


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