13 thoughts on “Has George Galloway got a fight on his hands?

  1. Thanks Rothpol for putting this up.
    I hate paying any subscription to Murdoch to read the Times, but it is still a damn fine newspaper.
    … and it is only the Murdoch press where I can’t find a free entrance to their stories on the day they are written. 😦


  2. Not sure what to make of this. However, we could ask ourselves if it is wise to support someone who first voted for Mr. G. but now stands for the party whose candidate she helped defeat barely three years ago. Will she change again? If so under whose colours will she stand next time?


  3. A plucky lass and make no mistake, she will be giving Galloway a run for his money!
    She is short on funds and would appreciate any donations to help with her campaign. Election fundraising continues and her fund, I understand, is at about £3,500, about a third of the amount needed for an effective campaign.


  4. “Her father ran off with a neighbours daughter he used to drive to school”

    “But could only get a mortgage with the help of a local drug dealer”

    “My Uncles had said to her “Give the kids away” they’re only young”

    “Their relationship was a secret, no-one could talk about it, he was a married man”

    “Honour is a big thing in our community”

    Yes, so it seems.


  5. Well she has my best wishes and good luck.

    Nice to see someone from the Pakistani community come out and admit the problems within their community and speak out against CSE.

    It just worries me that GG is so full of nasty tricks that Naz Shah can expect a hard, unfair and unpleasant battle. It wouldn’t surprise me if she gets accused of being a non believer, harlot or some such derogatory or nasty terms.

    The B.


  6. She doesn’t watch films, doesn’t know the difference between Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf and has never heard of Lowry or Hockney! On those grounds alone she would forfeit my vote!
    But seriously, she has had a life at the sharp end and would make a welcome change to the “georgeous professional politician”…she seems well qualified to serve Bradford, not every cause you can think of outside Bradford.


    • Hi Rev, how would you respond to those questions?
      films –
      I seldom watch films but I will almost certainly watch Selma when I get the time, the other one I hadn’t heard of until I read that piece, I doubt that I’ll ever watch it. (I’ve been a member of the Showroom ever since I moved back north.)
      Psycho and particularly Key Largo are my fav. hotel-related films, Hotel Rwanda is utter rubbish (IMO) .
      novels –
      Neither Jane Austen nor Virginia Woolf hold any interest to me – but I did read “the Waves” in my teens (school work), , and then I was introduced to the work of Sam Beckett – by my great maths school teacher, and I never looked back ! I do read everything Hilary Mantel writes, and even some of the work of Jacqueline Wilson
      Conrad is more important to me than either of those women.
      visual arts -.
      I really admire Hockney’s work – I always have – and don’t have much time for Lowry. I make sure to get to any exhibition of Hockney’s work in UK, but I have never had any desire to see any of Lowry’s work in a gallery.
      (Helping my then 7 year old granddaughter to see what was so special in a painting by Rembrandt – on display in Cambridge a couple of years ago, was an unforgettable experience. )
      But then I didn’t had to abandon schooling at 14, as Naz Shar was forced to do.
      …and you sir?


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