BREAKING: Two more arrests in historic Rotherham child abuse investigation

BREAKING: Two more arrests in historic Rotherham child abuse investigation

Two more men have been arrested as part of an investigation into historic child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Two more arrests in historic Rotherham child abuse investigation

  1. What an amazing coincidence that just after being informed they were going to be investigated over their unbelievable incompetence of investigating CSE for decades, within the space of a few months they make five arrests. At this rate, the rest of the criminals will be a long time dead, by the time they get to them. A pathefic organisation, infested by pathefic people.


    • It is a fact that the average CSE case takes two and a half to three years to investigate BEFORE any arrest can be made. So stop being a smartarse Anonymous and let the police get on with it!


      • If what your saying is correct, and it takes almost three years for each case. Then let assume at the current rate, 1400 * 3 = 4200 years, we’re looking at the final coviction in the year 6215?


      • It’s also a fact that the police, UK wide, didn’t even bother to record a quarter of sexual offences last year. And that other forces like Manchester have been sitting on stacks of victim reports for years. Doesn’t make it right. It just shows the deliquency of police forces across the country and the stupidity of slashing spending on policing. I don’t think the other anon is being a smart arse for thinking it should take less than two and a half years. If a girl walks into a police station covered with blood and bruises and names her attacker (as they were doing during the period of this scandal), beyond a DNA test what’s to investigate that takes an average of three years?


      • Two and half years before they can even make an arrest? Is that REALLY a FACTAnonymous? I think you’re confusing arresting someone with bringing them to trial. Then again, this is South Yorkshire Police we’re talking about, so….


        • Sadly he/she is probably right. It’s the fact that anon thinks that’s acceptable is what is scary. I don’t know how to llink from my iPhone but if one googles Margaret Oliver and Peter Fahy one gets an idea why that stat might be true, and not just in South Yorkshire. Oliver and other police whistle blowers certainly don’t share anon’s view that such tardiness is excusable, even in the context of cuts and targets.


  2. Quite. Thank goodness the NCA are taking over. We know the suspects will be bailed in any case, allowing them to flee or intimidate witnesses, and if convicted they will get a couple of years watching Sky, block any deportation order as a violation of their human rights and then be let out to rape again. As for their enablers and protectors they are unlikely to even lose their pensions, let alone be prosecuted. Some indeed are still in highly paid jobs in child protection.


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