Breaking News – Three men arrested over Rotherham child sex abuse

Three men arrested over Rotherham child sex abuse

Three men have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into historical child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

The men, aged 35, 33 and 30, were held in the Rotherham area on suspicion of rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment of two girls under 16.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News – Three men arrested over Rotherham child sex abuse

  1. It’s hard to know how to react to these stories: on the one hand it’s good people are finally being arrested for it but when you see the dates the alleged crimes took place it reminds you how long it was ignored.


  2. What I find ridiculous is that they let them out on bail when one man who was arrested earlier has done a runner to Pakistan. When you know that years ago the police were given names and places where they committed the crimes, it is no good them arresting one or two and making out that they have it all under control now.
    Dave Smith


  3. I have a friend, an elderly lady who has been keeping a log on an almost hourly basis for about three to four years of all the taxis that come to the school opposite her house. When she informed the police they came and read the log and admitted that most of the pakistani drivers who’s numbers they new did not have licences. Did they do anything ? No they did not, She is still keeping that log because it is still happening, waiting her time to make it public.


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