2015 post election re-alignment, first signs?

All political parties, that don’t perform as well as hoped, squabble afterwards.

At the local level, this has manifested itself as infighting which has broken out and we now have a new Independent group consisting of Martyn Parker*, Clive Jepson** and Chris Middleton***.

An interesting development, but just one of a number that will break surface shortly.

UKIP, I can now report, are the latest to start to argue like ‘ferrets in a sack’, as they realise without change, they are currently headed for the rocks! Unless the necessary changes are made to make it function democratically, that is.


*Martyn Parker Ex-Tory, Ex-UKIP now Independent

**Clive Jepson Elected as an Independent

***Chris Middleton Ex-Tory

7 thoughts on “2015 post election re-alignment, first signs?

  1. I once asked Mr Middleton for help and he told me to go to UKIP. Now he’s an Independent. That’s politics for you.


  2. Just to set all your minds at rest Martyn, Clive, and Chris as lone Councillors are not entitled to sit on any committees unless the politically party’s give up seats for them
    UKIP gave up three seats for them .to have some input as Councillors the control freak labour group gave up nothing so it made sense for the three lone Councillors to join together as an independent group register that with the council and that then alters the political balance gives them seats on committees and more importantly makes the Labour Control freaks give up some seats
    So no mystery or any other reasons at all

    And it’s news to me about UKIP arguing like ferrets in a sack what vivid imagination you have


  3. As Caven has pointed out it made sense to form a group together because as Independants they wouldn’t be allowed to sit on anything and what good is that and how unfair. Chris Middleton is still a Conservative but because he is the only one he is not recognised as being part of a party so is classed as Independent they only class a party as 2 for political balance equations.Chris wanted to stay on planning but was not allowed and Martyn Parker has fought for changes in the Taxi Licensing but was also not allowed to remain on the licensing board as an independant. Martyn did not choose to be Independant he naturally became Independent when Ukip at a national level did the dirty on him by replacing him with a Ukip Mep from Hull in the General election who incidentally only appeared for publicity outings and they then removed Martyn’s membership for speaking out. He still works closely with Ukip locally and Caven has given up his own seat on licensing to allow Martyn to stay on and see it through.Martyn lost his place on Sy Police and Criime Panel as soon as it all kicked off with Ukip nationally and also Overview and Scrutiny Management Board. I’m afraid there is no place for Independants on anything and like Caven has pointed out it is only UKIP who is willing to give up their seats to allow them to have a voice which is really unfair when they’ve only got 12 councillors and Labours got 48 but Labour won’t give anything up.So much for wanting to “work together”


  4. Having voted UKIP in the last election I would like to stress I voted for UKIP councillors to take their seats in the council on committees so that they could gain the necessary experience and (faint hope) some expertise with which to improve their opposition skills and so raise the standards of scrutiny for the benefit of the whole community. I took this decision after much thought and consideration.
    I did not vote for conservatives or ex-conservatives wearing badges of convenience.
    There was no mention in any UKIP literature and not a word was breathed by any UKIP candidate councillors or councillors out campaigning during the last election campaign that they were planning to do a shady deal with the Tories. If there had been any inkling that seats were going to be given away to the Tories as part of an old pals act my vote would have gone to a different party.
    I am also find the gushing and obsequious references to Caven this and Caven by New Rothpol follower disturbing. Clearly this person has inside knowledge and apart from the possibility of being Martyn Parker’s mum would seem to be a UKIP councillor. We have seen the dangers of councillors slavishly following their leader without ever activating what brain cells they may have. It is almost FIFA-esque and the question must be asked is UKIP in Rotherham a serious political party, or a one man band dishing out committee seats to chums like a Victorian patron?
    Young Shaun Barratt in his electioneering seems to have got the measure of UKIP, at least in Rotherham, as the Purple Tories. I am not a fan of committee seats being dished out as personal rewards and do not like Tories of any shade of blue, if this is what UKIP in Rotherham is I will not be voting for them in 2016.


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