A puzzle indeed?

Developments over on gileshumphry.com in his ongoing investigations into Rotherham’s Taxi Trade:

Some Puzzling Answers from Goldstar Taxis

Following up on allegations made by a source I sent a series of questions to Goldstar Taxis Rotherham on the 27th of May. On the 28th of May I received an email from one M Riaz offering some eyebrow raising answers.

Read on: http://www.gileshumphry.com/politics/uk+politics/some+puzzling+answers+from+goldstar+taxis/

4 thoughts on “A puzzle indeed?

  1. Sarah Champions is being embarrassed about her record on helping CSE survivors in the town by some of the survivors.


  2. I should point out that the council appears to make a distinction between suspension and revocation, from their point of view a taxi licence is only suspended until the appeal date has passed. A technicality as suspension is a (potentially reversible) form of revocation. But from their point of view they would probably say the Goldstar drivers I refer to have had their licences suspended, that is in the event that they choose to share this information with us.


    • Well no, the trick is to have a shrewd idea of the truth beforehand and then catch them out when they put their foot in their mouth. So in the first piece Mr Sabir of Venture taxis denied any connection with Jahangir Akhtar, who was driving for Venture till recently. And then he appears to have passed my message straight to Akhtar who immediately contacted me.
      In this case Goldstar were provoked into saying “nothing to see here!” only to be embarrassed into silence when I followed up, discrediting their answers. And of course if they refuse to answer they implicitly concede they have something to hide.
      It’s just a means of keeping the spotlight on the taxi trade and the spider at the centre of that web, to borrow Rothpol’s image.


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