Prof John Drew to lead inquiry into South Yorkshire Police

Rotherham Child Abuse scandal: Prof John Drew to lead inquiry into South Yorkshire Police

A former chief executive of the Youth Justice Board is to lead an inquiry into South Yorkshire Police’s handling of reports of child sex abuse.

Professor John Drew has been appointed to examine whether the force’s culture, leadership and performance hindered proper investigation of allegations.

The review, expected to take three months, is due to start in September and will be made public in early 2016.

A report found 1,400 children were abused in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013.

and now:

Police chief appoints expert to lead inspection of South Yorkshire Police

9 thoughts on “Prof John Drew to lead inquiry into South Yorkshire Police

  1. His main hope says it all..

    “Most of all I want to restore public confidence in South Yorkshire Police.”

    Personally I would find my main target being to identify the truth about the past structural problems, and an honest evaluation of where SYP are now…

    PR type language makes me concerned he is about getting the fee by keeping the client (SYP) happy, rather than protecting us the taxpayer and victims of poor policing…

    Dreadful press release, showing he has not understood the core issues.


    • John Drew’s background and experience can be found here

      Interesting that the Youth Justice Board, of which Prof Drew is the former CEO states :
      “We work to prevent children and young people under 18 from offending or re-offending. We ensure custody is safe and secure, and addresses the causes of their offending behaviour.”

      Could this mean that Professor Drew could be working on the view that the child victims of the appalling abuse brought to light in the Jay and Casey reports are “offenders” rather than bringing the real offenders – the abusers and those who protected them – to justice ?

      #just saying


  2. Well were see how good he’s at his job, anything less than either Professor Jay or Lousie Casey, simple won’t do. If he doesn’t identify the officers involved, missed opportunities in the past or the actual numbers of abusers and their victims, then he will have failed.


  3. I can save him the time and the effort and maybe a lot of money …… The force’s culture, leadership and performance HAS hindered proper investigation of allegations…… The police where afraid of being called racists ..imo….. so tried to hush hush everything.


  4. Social worker looks in to the failure of social workers who have failed to sanction social workers for their failures in social work. On the publication of this report a further report will be commissioned into finding another highly independent social worker to clarify any failures and highlight areas for future improvement in social work. In the meantime social workers will retain all pay and pension rights.


    • Wrong John Drew: Professor John Drew is the Chancellor of Regent’s University in London. Prof Drew has a legal and diplomatic background.

      The John Drew who is to lead the inspection of the SYP started life as a children’s social worker with Lancashire Council (1974). For more information on him, Google John Drew becomes Chief Executive of the Youth Justice Board, and look at the article in CommunityCare January 2009.

      I do not know why John Drew is described as a professor – no doubt the result of sloppy internet research undertaken by a junior press officer.


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