Rotherham child sex abuse expert begins work on national inquiry

Rotherham child sex abuse expert begins work on national inquiry

The woman who blew the lid on the child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham is to begin working on a national inquiry into historical child abuse today.

Professor Alexis Jay, who published a report which revealed that 1,400 children had been groomed and abused by largely Asian men in Rotherham while authorities turned a blind eye, is on a panel of experts set up last year amid claims of an establishment cover-up following allegations that a paedophile ring operated in Westminster in the 1980s

1 thought on “Rotherham child sex abuse expert begins work on national inquiry

  1. I think the inquiry should be split into different parts, to account for different forms of abuse. There should be an inquiry into family abuse, institutional, the outside which would encompass the lone peophile, groups and online and finally street grooming type , which is a new form, recently exposed in Rotherham and other parts of the country.

    The CSE type should involve a pre investigation, as in Rotherham, carried out by competent investigators of the caliber of Proffesor Jay and Louise Casey. This would enable the aurthories to correct any previous or current mistakes they are making. Once the initial facts are established and the parties involved exposed, they should be question in a Public Enquiry. Once the conclusion have been draw, appropriate action, whether criminal or disciplinary should be take againist these people, with immediate effect, to set the standard of conduct which all public and private citizens, should uphold. This enquiry, should be carried out in all areas of the country, where there has been a problem of this form of abuse. So you would have rolling inquiries in different towns, first Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Manchester, West Midlands etc.

    I know this will cost a lot but we can not afford to screw up this time, let’s find out how widespread these forms of abuse are and how far they go back. Ethnicitity and cultural sensitivitives should be address and where there a need to confront a particular culture about its belief, no qualms should be observed.Then come up with plans to minimise and eradicate this cancer, once and for all. Hopefully next time, if it persists, at least we will be better prepared to confront this evil.


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