Labour Hypocrisy 184 Times!

Welfare bill: These are the 184 Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the Tories’ cuts

Below are the 184 Labour MPs who didn’t vote against the second reading of the Conservatives’ Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

The main changes in the Bill are reducing the household welfare cap from £26,000 to £23,000, abolishing legally binding child poverty targets, cuts to child tax credits, cuts to Employment and Support Allowance, and cuts to housing benefit for young people.

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Heidi Alexander

Rushanara Ali

Graham Allen

Jon Ashworth

Ian Austin

Adrian Bailey

Kevin Barron

Margaret Beckett

Hilary Benn

Luciana Berger

Clive Betts

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Tom Blenkinsop

Paul Blomfield

Ben Bradshaw

Kevin Brennan

Lyn Brown

Nick Brown

Chris Bryant

Karen Buck

Richard Burden

Andy Burnham

Liam Byrne

Ruth Cadbury

Alan Campbell

Ronnie Campbell

Sarah Champion

Jenny Chapman

Vernon Coaker

Ann Coffey

Julie Cooper

Rosie Cooper

Yvette Cooper

Jo Cox

Neil Coyle

David Crausby

Mary Creagh

Stella Creasy

Jon Cruddas

John Cryer

Judith Cummins

Alex Cunningham

Jim Cunningham

Nicholas Dakin

Simon Danczuk

Wayne David

Gloria De Piero

Thangam Debbonaire

Stephen Doughty

Jim Dowd

Jack Dromey

Michael Dugher

Angela Eagle

Maria Eagle

Clive Efford

Julie Elliott

Louise Ellman

Natascha Engel

Bill Esterson

Chris Evans

Paul Farrelly

Frank Field

Jim Fitzpatrick

Rob Flello

Colleen Fletcher

Caroline Flint

Yvonne Fovargue

Vicky Foxcroft

Mike Gapes

Barry Gardiner

Pat Glass

Kate Green

Lilian Greenwood

Nia Griffith

Andrew Gwynne

Fabian Hamilton

David Hanson

Harriet Harman

Harry Harpham

Helen Hayes

John Healey

Mark Hendrick

Stephen Hepburn

Meg Hillier

Margaret Hodge

Sharon Hodgson

Kate Hoey

Kate Hollern

George Howarth

Lindsay Hoyle

Tristram Hunt

Rupa Huq

Huw Irranca-Davies

Dan Jarvis

Alan Johnson

Diana R. Johnson

Graham Jones

Kevan Jones

Susan Elan Jones

Mike Kane

Barbara Keeley

Liz Kendall

Stephen Kinnock

Peter Kyle

Chris Leslie

Emma Lewell-Buck

Ivan Lewis

Ian Lucas

Fiona Mactaggart

Justin Madders

Khalid Mahmood

Shabana Mahmood

Seema Malhotra

John Mann

Gordon Marsden

Chris Matheson

Steve McCabe

Kerry McCarthy

Siobhain McDonagh

Pat McFadden

Conor McGinn

Alison McGovern

Catherine McKinnell

Alan Meale

Ed Miliband

Jessica Morden

Ian Murray

Lisa Nandy

Melanie Onn

Chi Onwurah

Albert Owen

Matthew Pennycook

Toby Perkins

Jess Phillips

Bridget Phillipson

Steve Pound

Lucy Powell

Yasmin Qureshi

Angela Rayner

Jamie Reed

Steve Reed

Christina Rees

Rachel Reeves

Emma Reynolds

Jonathan Reynolds

Geoffrey Robinson

Stephen Philip Rotheram

Joan Ryan

Naseem Shah

Virendra Sharma

Barry Sheerman

Gavin Shuker

Andrew Slaughter

Ruth Smeeth

Andrew Smith

Angela Smith

Jeff Smith

Nick Smith

Owen Smith

Karin Smyth

John Spellar

Keir Starmer

Wes Streeting

Gisela Stuart

Mark Tami

Gareth Thomas

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Emily Thornberry

Stephen Timms

Jon Trickett

Anna Turley

Karl Turner

Derek Twigg

Stephen Twigg

Chuka Umunna

Keith Vaz

Valerie Vaz

Holly Walker-Lynch

Tom Watson

Catherine West

Alan Whitehead

Phil Wilson

Rosie Winterton

John Woodcock

6 thoughts on “Labour Hypocrisy 184 Times!

  1. Not one item about the budget yet Rothpol manages to get worked up about a parliamentary vote from July 2015. The purple and yellow Tories really don’t have a clue, do they?


  2. It would be interesting to see whether the local party activists and members held their MPs to account over their voting. It is suspected not, as the activists in any position of influence have been selected for their passive surrender to a party ethic that has long abandoned its core principles.


  3. Lest we forget.

    Thank god Labour has got Jeremy Corbyn as leader and the welcome return of real Labour values not the neo liberal, red tory policies of before.

    However far too many of that ilk in current shadow cabinet and certainly plp who voted through disability cuts.
    The position changed with new leader.


    • He’s a loser and he knows it. If he really wants to help the poor, he she step down and let the party comes to its senses. It won’t won being to the left. He’s had his 15 mins of fame,


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