Tax Payer Funded Muslims Pressure Rotherham Police To Crack Down On ‘Far Right’ Marches Despite Recent Muslim Riot

Rotherham Council has announced a new “diverse” panel to “advise” police on how to deal with “extremist” marches in South Yorkshire, kowtowing to local Muslims who rioted and threatened to boycott the police unless they were given more power.

The announcement comes days after the anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA UK announced a walk through the town. Rotherham was terrorised by Muslim rape gangs for more than a decade with local cops paralysed for fear of being labeled ‘racist’, the government’s Jay Report found.

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14 thoughts on “Tax Payer Funded Muslims Pressure Rotherham Police To Crack Down On ‘Far Right’ Marches Despite Recent Muslim Riot

  1. So obviously, the Politicaly correct clowns of the Police, Council and this discredited Labour Party, haven’t learnt lessons. Was one of the findings of the Jay and Casey reports, was too much power, was given disportionately to these Muslims groups, who were unrepresentative of their communities. Was the white and other communities consulted?


  2. Loudmouth

    Don’t be so daft. You know in your heat of hearts that Rotherham Council Labour members speak for all the white community in the town and are a true and accurate reflection of the underlying attitudes of the white, and particularly the white working class in the area.

    If you believe that you’ll believe anything like they want us to. In fact the Rotherham Council Labour group (scum Labour) have abandoned their community base and are no more than outright class traitors.


  3. There’s a new book out on Grooming Gangs across the country and the ineptitude our politically correct establishment and their complicity in the rape of up to 100,000 school girls by Muslim gangs over the last 20 years. It seems that their early targets were Sikh girls.When Sikhs in the West Midlands sought to get girls back from Grooming gangs they were arrested for assault and no charges made against those who were grooming and raping Sikh.
    From there they moved on to white girls.
    They author is: Peter McLoughlin – and the book is titled “Easy Meat”
    “Easy Meat” is over 300 pages long, has 12 Appendices, and contains over 600 references. Arm yourself with it and demand that our institutions protect schoolgirls from being groomed, raped and lured into lives of addiction and prostitution.


  4. Read the news link above. After all the criminality this crew have the gall to threaten to riot if they do not get their own way.
    Spoiled brats come to mind. And the one thing you must learn to say to a spoiled child is NO.


  5. It appears to be the same people that either set up these groups or sit on them, I am not wary because they are Muslim I am wary because anything to do with the Rotherham Labour lot can’t be trusted. Why do they need this group is not made very clear.
    Dave Smith


  6. There is a panel to be set up to advise the police, I guess its like women advising on domestic violence, LGBT advising on rape/personal safety issues, young people advising on why they daren’t go in to town at night…once again all the above happen in South Yorkshire but because its about how to help the cops deal with the far right and reduce harm to the town there appears to be an issue.

    I’m shocked we have so many people wondering round Rotherham who appear to be against the town doing well.

    Have a go at the leader, have a go at SYP, have a go at the council…leave the town and its businesses out of it.


    • Paddy, would we have needed this group, if the sub human culture, had respected little white girls. Why has the majority, paying for the crimes of the minority. Why should the decent, good folk been punished for the crimes of these people, who couldn’t respect others and are now complaining, they are the victims. Allow more marches, until this Creme le scrum, address their problems.


    • Are you joking ….. “town doing well” …where are you looking ?… The town has nothing to offer but discount stores charity shops and a few oddities like Grim & Co….Grim being a very apt name for this town . what can you buy in here about emperor’s new clothes ..its all rubbish.. people go on about how good it is ..I suppose if you want to buy a jar of scabs or a box of toe nail clippings then yep it’s the place to be ….is this an example of doing well?… We have a corrupt unfit for purpose council that do not listen to the very people who put them in their comfy seats and do as they please for the good of themselves and their mates … a corrupt and untrustworthy police force who ignore the victims of abuse and lose evidence ..a council leader who wants us to live under a dictatorship by wanting to stop peoples RIGHT to protest (obviously BMY and UAF are ok)..FREE THE ROTHERHAM 12….. Also we seem to be a town which needs a panel to advise the police on how to deal with such events .. are the police stupid ? should we be forming panels to advise them on what to do with all criminals ? The town also has no industry left … TATA steel losing jobs and under investigation for fraud ….. take off your rose tinted glasses and have a look around ..the town is a shithole ..Eastwood has become a dumpit site full of people with no pride or affection for the town they live in ..we have had the subways filled in because nobody felt safe using them and it is not getting any better … unfortunately come election time the sheep will put the same old group of muppets in their seats again… and wonder why nothing ever changes …


    • So the community who have rioted on wellgate attacking locals and boycotted the police now get to advice the police. Only an idiot would think this is a good idea.


  7. This Authority is “skint”, both in terms of money and ideas. Why is taxpayers money being used to support this useless, politically correct (here we go again) ridiculous idea. These are the same bigoted bunch who “boycotted” SYP. Stop this now Billings or you will lose any shred of credibility you still retain.


  8. This is all about getting those 19 Rioting, Violent, Raping, Pakistani scumbags awaiting trial, off! RMBC Labour group are so thick, they are going along with it and playing right into their hands. Stupid ba*****s.


  9. Billings is primarily acting because of the forthcoming election for Police &Crime Commissioner(PCC)…and while the Muslim community is a minority their vote is well organised and significant in elections with poor turn outs and small majorities….seems we’ve been here before.


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