Keep an eye out for your “significant” postal vote

Keep an eye out for your “significant” postal vote

RESIDENTS who have chosen to vote by post in this year’s local council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections will receive their ballot pack soon.

Packs with full instructions are being delivered to people who have already registered to vote by post rather than attend a polling station on May 5.

RMBC chief executive and returning officer, Sharon Kemp urged people to look out for their packs, and ensure they have their say on the day.

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3 thoughts on “Keep an eye out for your “significant” postal vote

  1. Mine arrived last Saturday
    I’m still awaiting my first election leaflet from any of the political parties.
    I’m in Rother Vale and apart from UKIP’s Greg Reynolds, I don’t recognise the names of any of the other candidates. .


  2. Remember that you have two votes in the PCC election. A first and second preference. If your first choice is not in the top two then the second preference will be counted so if you want at least one of your votes to carry weight your second choice needs a realistic chance of making the cut.


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