Fight against Rotherham hate crimes in wake of racist murder

Fight against Rotherham hate crimes in wake of racist murder

A new initiative to tackle hate crimes has been launched in Rotherham following the racist murder of a Muslim pensioner.

Retired steelworker Mushin Ahmed, 81, was kicked to death by Dale Jones and Damien Hunt after they attacked him as he made his way to morning prayers at his local mosque in August 2015.

Police have now launched Operation Solar over concerns that hate crime is being under-reported in the town. It follows increased racial tensions following the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal, largely involving men largely of Pakistani heritage.

A new email address – – has been launched for people to anonymously report suspected hate crimes.


8 thoughts on “Fight against Rotherham hate crimes in wake of racist murder

  1. I have tens of thousands of hate crime to report. They have occurred over the last twenty years. They are:

    Acts of rape and prostitution of children.
    Malfeasance in public office
    Perverting the course of justice.
    The hacking to death of Laura Wilson in the so called honour killing


      • Nonsense indeed. A brief look at the list of ‘hate crimes’ would instruct most that it is a list of crimes against the lefty narrative with a few real crimes thrown in to fool the unwary.
        Why was Laura Wilson’s crime an ‘honour killing’ and Mr Ahmed’s a racist murder?


        • What happened to Laura Wilson – however evil it was – was from within a relationship with her killer. It was not just because she had a white skin.
          The killing of Lee Rigby was a hate crime – the killing of Mushin Ahmed was a hate crime.
          In both cases there was no prior relationship, and in both cases all that really mattered was the race of the victim (and in Rigby’s case that he was a soldier).

          These crime categorisations are for mainly for statistical purposes – but they influence policy.
          … and was the killing of Laura Wilson categorised as an “honour killing” ? I have only taken your word for it.


    • Why would anyone want to trace ip address from above .its there opinion ,i too think that in rotherham there is a 2 tier law and the minority community benifits from it


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