Taking revenge?

Last weeks Dearne Valley Weekender contains the story below.

Rather looks to me like a reprise of a strategy to ‘neutralise’, none other than, Jayne Senior, which she describes in detail in her book!

Jayne Senior DV Weekender 30 june 2016



13 thoughts on “Taking revenge?

  1. Who the F@ck even reads the DVW ?? Jayne Senior is the 1 single person elected to RMBC in the last 10 years in whom we should have a shred of confidence in ! She saw it happening – she saw no alternative but to tell Andrew Norfolk what was happening ! She deserves a chance to continue to make a difference to RMBC from within without Blairite councillors trying to undermine her. Keep it up Jayne !


  2. Unfortunately Jayne Senior was all too keen to sell her soul to the Labour party despite despising it and it figuring in her writings, She will be neutralised, restricted and controlled by themso don’t hold your breath as no one else is.


  3. This woman has had 200k of funding plus more coming she used victims to get them money and none of the pm saw the benefits she’s using them to fund her own agenda she’s getting people to attack survivors and telling them what to say to them vile this woman she’s were she belongs labour currupt as rest of em


    • As is often the case, there are two sides to every story. This is no exception!
      The alternative viewpoint will be told, but has current inhibitory factors, that enforce delay.
      Until then, I am collecting information and material for publication. If you have any information please send it to here, Rik. Thanks to those who have contacted me, more information always appreciated.


      • I’m not comfortable with the comments made by whoever it is above hiding behind the screen there, folk might not like or even be able to stomach my views but they’re steeped in moral, ethic and just reasononing.

        Please produce evidence you have against Ms Senior or hush up, these issues are important without folk muddying the waters.

        My opinion on Ms Senior are neutral, I have a few questions for her but I don’t think she’s a good nor a bad woman. People who spew such things should do so with evidence in hand.


        • All my evidence has been passed I’m not a keyboard worrier I’m speaking the truth and will continue to until the truth is revealed and people know how vile she is


  4. One day the truth will be revealed and people will be shocked on how far this women’s goes to keep people from knowing the truth about her lies,
    She users victims and survivors and famlies to get funding for CSE
    And when the survivors and famlies are no longer weak she dosnt want to support them any more not that she does all she is get u a coffee and burger if you are lucky


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