Report questions viability of HS2 scheme

A NEW report has called into question the viability of the entire HS2 rail scheme on the grounds of cost, poor benefits and technological miscalculations.

The scheme is branded a waste of money which will cost billions more than expected and go way over its deadlines.

Rich Man’s Toy: The Case for Scrapping HS2 has been produced by The Taxpayers’ Alliance.

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“We need to put up a united front to fight HS2”

CAMPAIGNERS whose homes could be bulldozed to make way for HS2 hope to club together and put up a “united front” against the proposals.

Residents in Bramley held a meeting last week and agreed to contact groups from across the area in the hope of creating a “louder voice”.

A petition set up by people in the village has already attracted more than 2,000 signatures but Hellaby ward councillor Jenny Andrews said they were now hoping to speak to people from other parts, such as Barnburgh, Mexborough and Aston, who would also be affected.

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8 thoughts on “Report questions viability of HS2 scheme

    • Yes, they said the same about the proposal to build the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830, and the introduction of HSTs in the 1970s, and the Channel Tunnel.
      For goodness sake, the Japanese Bullet trains have now been running for more than 50 years.

      The question you ought to be asking yourself is, given that our railways are the oldest in the year, how were we simply unable to remain at the forefront of technological development and the delivery of railway services?


  1. Transpennine is now spending 500 million on new trains
    and on board services.
    Sheffield to Manchester average is 59 minutes.

    Tax payers have already been promised electrification from
    Leeds/Sheffield to London,
    giving less than 2 hours Sheffield to London.

    Prestige and Back slapping pay for the few who can actually
    afford the HS ticket…
    And shame on Sheffield council for using tax payers money
    on prestige feasibility studies!


  2. Those dozy gullible prats in Sheffield spent £200k of tax payers money on persuading Sir David Smuggins and his salary surfin parasitic chums at HS2, to reroute the HS2 line into the Midland Station and what did they get? Why, a poxy shuttle service out to the other side of Chesterfield – they swallowed that bate, complete with the hook, the line and the sinker.

    So, no faster service from Midland and that station’s location won’t be able to handle any increase in capacity – brilliant negotiating skills!


    • “Can’t see the issue at all, keeps people in work putting bread on table”
      You are in favour of heavily taxpayer subsidised job creation schemes and the long term drain on our tax contributions to HM Treasury to fund a vanity project?
      Are you sure you’re an EX Labour supporter?


  3. This vanity project should be scrapped. It is a monstrous waste of taxpayers money. If Sheffield Council can throw away £200,000 of tax money on this then God help us if the, so called’ Sheffield City Region ever come to fruition ! “Pissup” and “Brewery” springs to mind.


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