Home office ‘covered up racism of abuse judge’

Home office ‘covered up racism of abuse judge’

Questions for May as Lowell Goddard accused over paedophile inquiry

Whitehall officials close to Theresa May were accused last night of “covering up” allegations of misconduct, including racist remarks, against the judge in charge of Britain’s biggest public inquiry.

Home Office staff and advisers received warnings about Dame Lowell Goddard’s offensive behaviour in her role as chairwoman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) but did not end her “catastrophic” leadership.

Dame Lowell, 67, finally quit in August after 18 months. It is claimed that her aggressive and abusive conduct at times reduced the inquiry’s operation to “near paralysis”. Last night, her lawyers denied all the allegations.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/home-office-covered-up-racism-of-abuse-judge-cpct9clq3

Disaster from Down Under

The story of Dame Lowell Goddard’s leadership of the child sex abuse inquiry will be seen as proof that the establishment cannot police itself

Abusive. Racist. Appalling. Intolerable. Catastrophic. The adjectives allegedly used by insiders to describe Dame Lowell Goddard speak volumes of the frustration that she engendered among colleagues. The New Zealand judge hired last year to run the £100 million national child sex abuse inquiry has been branded a bigot who was out of her depth on some questions of English law.

Dame Lowell’s unsuitability for the post was clear within weeks to those working for her, as The Times reveals today. This raises serious questions about why she was ever appointed. Still more troubling is the fact that she was allowed to remain in charge of the inquiry for 18 months by the home secretary at the time, Theresa May, who hired her and who alone had the power to dismiss her.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/comment/disaster-from-down-under-mqgrw8tl0

18 thoughts on “Home office ‘covered up racism of abuse judge’

  1. This is further proof that they do not want the enquiry to work, May set it up in an attempt to head off the clammer from the public for the establishment to be investigated.
    Dave Smith


  2. So the Judge apparently stated the obvious, that we have so many paedophiles in the country and most of them are Asians, everybody knows that already, ask the 1400 – 2000 children who were raped in Rotherham alone and multiply that by each town.


  3. I wonder how many of us would have lashed out in frustration if we were having to deal with the so-called professionals who have been responsible for this whole sorry mess?


    • Be very carefull
      I lashed out but when the establishment is involved they will make sure you are distroyed
      To save them selves truth is a secondary consideration
      This will go no whare even with Jay
      It. Goes fare too deep the Westminster village will protect its self esteem at any cost


      • Actually, the evidence suggests something very different.

        The reality was that you kept telling lies about people, you made assertions about them for which you had no supporting evidence, and then, when you were given several opportunities to retract, you chose not to do so.

        I have no sympathy for your situation, which is a downfall entirely of your own making.

        But, perhaps others may learn the lessons.


        • Mr Vines predictment was he wasn’t a good enough liar like the Labour Party, Police and those fine upstanding members of the community, the Pakistani’s abusers.


      • Caven, I do sympathise, and to some extent empathise, with you.
        (Like, I’ve also made some pretty big mistakes in life!)
        But what happened were all your mistakes; in that Sky interview with Kay Burley, and in in allowing that interview to happen in the first place.
        But in the end, you just became collateral damage in the ongoing case against Jane Collins MEP.
        I wish you well!


        • O, come on Mr Loudmouth.

          At least Mr Vines wasn’t a coward – stupid maybe, but not a coward.

          Mr Vines didn’t throw around generalised smears. He knew that political parties (you identify ‘Labour’) and organisations (you identify ‘police’) couldn’t tell lies. Only people can tell lies.

          Mr Vines didn’t lack courage, like you appear to do. He named the individuals he said were lying. He didn’t hide his identity behind an aptronym.

          So, come on. Stand up. Be a man.

          If you want anyone to take your allegations about lying seriously, you have to name names. Otherwise, it’s just a smear, and we know any comments you make can be safely ignored.

          And, by the way……who is Pakistani who you say is being abused….and by whom?


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  5. Check out the book East Meat listed on this site.
    The author shows that to be accurate it is not Asian men but Muslim men that predominate. One of the first groups to suffer CSE was the Sikhs.
    Easy Meat is a thorough investigation and to date it has not been challenged by any competent authority.
    Perhaps we could cut the crap and tell things as they are.
    Appeasement generally makes a problem into a deadly menace.


  6. Ms Green does what every Multicultral idiot does, denies the bleeding obvious and keeps peddlerling the tolerance bit, while her own culture and more importantantly, children are being abused by her friends. Perhaps she could tell us which other racial group, in recent history has abused so many thousands of children, not from their own culture or race ?


    • Dear Mr Loudmouth

      It is noticeable that, like all scoundrels, you have decided not to answer any of the questions that you were asked. Please do so. We’re all waiting.

      Then, you resort to the second tactic from the Goebbels’ communications’ handbook – throw smears at the person asking you questions.

      Please produce the evidence to back up the allegations you have made against me. Unfortunately, I expect we’ll be waiting some time.

      Janet Green


      • I assume those fine upstanding members of the Community, who were convicted of those heinous crimes againist 13 year old girls today, we’re not surporting facts?


        • Their behaviour was appalling, disgraceful and criminal. They should expect the punishment to be severe, and I will support that every step of the way.

          But that has absolutely nothing to do with the allegations you made and the questions you were asked to answer.

          So, let’s ask again:
          (1) Which representatives (names) of the Labour Party and of the Police lied about these issues? (Your assertion), and
          (2) What evidence do you have to support your assertion that I “…keeps peddlerling the tolerance bit, while her own culture and more importantantly, children are being abused by her friends.” (Your precise words)


  7. Shaun Wright, Stone, Murhoof, Thacker, Ahktar, Macshane, apart from Thacker were they not all Labour Polictians and all denie the existence of unprecedented CSE in Rotherham?. 1400-2000?. Did the Police, not know the true extent of this criminality or give a damn? If you don’t give a damn if a bunch of slimeballs like the Pakistani’s gang bagging little white girls, why should the criminals either!!


    • Your assertion that I ‘don’t give a damn…’ is both demonstrably untrue and offensive.

      Further, you don’t seem to have addressed Q2. Please answer.


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