Wellgate Riot Trial 2 – The William Fry seven, trial starts!

Seven defendants appear in Sheffield Crown Court today as their trial starts, they are:

Andrew Thomas Gary Fox
Daniel Lee Luty
David Ashley Woodward
Dennis Farrell
Henry Mark Fisher
John James Sheridan
Reece Mclaren

More news later.

9 thoughts on “Wellgate Riot Trial 2 – The William Fry seven, trial starts!

    • A report on the earlier case in the Guardian included the following :
      “The court heard that, after the demonstration, police channelled the anti-racism protesters down Rotherham’s Wellgate road, past the William Fry pub, said to be a well-known hangout of the far right.

      Paul O’Shea, prosecuting, said men outside the pub had shouted “vile racist abuse” at the Asian men as they passed . “Not exactly original but certainly offensive,” said O’Shea.

      The jury was played various pieces of CCTV footage that showed a clash between the two groups in the street outside the pub before the police arrived.

      The prosecution contended that while there was no doubt that “the other side” in the clash – who will be prosecuted later this month – had acted first, the actions of the defendants could not be justified as self-defence.”
      The prosecution lost that case, but …


  1. Intentional incompetence seems to be a theme of policing with regard to protests against grooming. Vastly over policed, breaches of the law in denying freedom of assembly, ‘allowing’ counter and pro to meet or directing them past one another.


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