Green belt travellers site plans are back

PLANS to site travellers on green belt land — which were turned down after attracting more than 500 objections — have resurfaced.

Rotherham Borough Council refused an application for 12 travellers’ pitches off Chesterfield Road, Swallownest — near land earmarked for the £37 million Gulliver’s Valley theme park in April.

But now, a separate application has been submitted seeking permission for six pitches for the same patch of land.

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2 thoughts on “Green belt travellers site plans are back

  1. It is my experience Labour councillors support the theory that ‘travellers’ must have somewhere to stay (How to square that circle is one of life’s imponderables) therefore I suggest Forge Island would be an ideal site. It is centrally located and concerned councillors can drop in for a cup of tea to discuss ‘inclusivity’ and ‘equality’ with a ‘minority’ group.
    Or are our caring sharing councillors guilty of nimbyism?


  2. RMBC Planners are pushing for a new Travellers site at the bottom of Dog Kennel Lane South Anston. They refused Swallownest because of the distance/lack of facilities, yet when councillors were explaining the exact same situation applied to South Anston, at the Inspectors Hearings, they “forgot” all about this.
    Here in Anston, we already have a Travellers site in North Anston, a small site in one end of South Anston, and they are now trying to put another on us.
    It is quite clear that this Labour Council is planning to put all of Rotherhams allocation in North and South Anston (each council for South Yorkshire has an allocated number)
    But the biggest shame of all is that our two Labour Councillors, Cllrs Jonathon Ireland, and Katherine Wilson, have not lifted a finger to oppose the situation, despite a substantial number of objections.
    Same old same old, please elect us, and when we are in power, we will ignore you, and vote as our Leader tells us.


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