Clive Betts – ‘Rotherham scandal raises questions over council scrutiny’

THE ROTHERHAM abuse scandal has highlighted shortcomings in the way councils are held to account, according to MPs.

An inquiry has been launched by MPs over whether reforms are needed to the way the actions of councils are scrutinised.

The Community and Local Government Committee of MPs has begun the investigation in the wake of a series of scandals to hit councils.

The failings of Rotherham Council, in particular over child abuse in the town, ultimately led to the resignation of two council leaders and the Government sending in commissioners to run the authority in place of

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10 thoughts on “Clive Betts – ‘Rotherham scandal raises questions over council scrutiny’

  1. pot+kettle? splinter+plank+eye? stones+glass houses? It is to be hoped that CB will assiduously apply his principles to his own city, and then accept joint responsibility for its failings. What chance?


  2. I have to wonder why Clive Betts has waited until now to ask ‘whether reforms are needed to the way the actions of councils are scrutinised.’
    He could have spoken up three years ago when his fellow MP Sarah Champion was criticising (?) RMBC
    Eric Pickles scrutinised the actions of RMBC and took swift action. I can find no record of MP C. Betts congratulating the then SoS at the DCLG at the time or calling for scrutiny.


  3. Is he also going to scrutinise the MPs Actions or none actions in all this because to date there has been no official investigation into who knew what and when and what was done by people who should have known what was going off that’s if they were doing their jobs correctly


  4. I saw Clive Betts interview Roger Stone in the Select Committee enquiry into the CSE scandal in RMBC I don’t know why Keith Vaz was not there on that day. It was like watching two old pals chatting over a pint in the pub. There were no hard questions, no confrontation. It was a shambles. Now Betts talks of Scrutiny needing improving in all Councils. Why didn’t he ask Stone about the lack of scrutiny caused by his bullying tactics against all and sundry within the fabric of the Council. I believe the HOC Select Committee re this Inquiry is still available on Youtube.


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