What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration?

New research points to significant and widespread levels of public anxiety over immigration from mainly Muslim states.

President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority states from entering the US for 90 days, and temporarily freeze all refugee arrivals (including Syrians indefinitely), has been interpreted widely as an attempt to curtail the inward migration of Muslims, which Trump and his supporters argue pose a threat to national security.

Trump’s policy has generated a backlash among some of Europe’s leaders. Angela Merkel’s spokesman said the chancellor had ‘explained’ the UN Refugee Convention to the president in a phone call discussing the order, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan argued that the invitation to the president for a state visit to Britain in 2017 should be withdrawn until the ban is rescinded. Meanwhile, leaders of Europe’s populist right-wing parties, including Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage and Matteo Salvini, have heaped praise on Trump.

See more at: https://www.chathamhouse.org/expert/comment/what-do-europeans-think-about-muslim-immigration#sthash.sxl9Esmn.dpuf

Trump’s views on Muslim migration ‘mirrored’ across Europe

Donald Trump’s decision to ban the citizens of seven Muslim-majority states from entering the United States for the next three months was met by varying degrees of protest across Europe.

A new survey, however, suggests the views of European voters on the issue are closer to Mr Trump’s than those of their own elected leaders, with more than half of respondents across ten countries backing even greater restrictions.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/trumps-views-on-muslim-migration-mirrored-across-europe-l9t8b0b98

There is a link here to Sarah Champion’s effort to combat the segregation, some might say a form of apartheid, we see disfiguring our Town:

 to be put under MP’s spotlight

The Shadow Equalities Secretary is setting out to prove that the party is not afraid to ask the difficult questions around issues like immigration, as she prepares to launch a new inquiry into the growing challenges posed by segregation. Inspired … Continue reading

19 thoughts on “What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration?

  1. This is bad news for the protestors who gathered in towns and cities across Britain waving their placards and chanting whatever is the mantra of the day against a clampdown on immigration.
    Will they now all kindly bugger off across the Channel to any one of the nine other European countries whose citizens disagree with their respective governments views on immigration and demonstrate en masse?
    NB. Some of these countries police forces use water cannons and tear gas. Just sayin’……………….


    • Colin,
      Great to see you accept a polling result without question when only a few posts ago you wrote:
      “‘Public surveys/Opinion polls’ are unreliable tools to try and predict outcomes and attitudes. (See Referendum vote) I for one despise being patronised as a poor achiever/poorly educated and incapable of making an independent judgement.
      All the BBC has done is to reinforce its own biased view that people who voted leave are members of the lower order and cannot be trusted to make rational decisions.
      Complete tosh.”

      Maybe this time the figures agree with your pre-conceptions.
      The polling in this report is actually quite interestingish:
      1. They haven’t published the raw data.
      2. They haven’t published their methodology – was it a phone poll or online – it does make a little bit of difference.
      3. They have left out several European countries, particularly IMHO Netherlands*.
      4. The polled 1000 people in each country – even those there is a serious disparity in overall population between those countries, and there is no clear explanation of how they reflected this in the results – only a note on the graph “*Data is weighted by population weight”. not exactly an explanation of “how”, IMHO..
      They link to two other polls:
      This PEW one
      http://www.pewglobal.org/2016/07/11/negative-views-of-minorities-refugees-common-in-eu/ – a respected organisation – unfortunately it always waits for 2 years before publishing its raw data, and,

      This Ipsos MORI one:
      where everything covered in my 4 questions on the above poll, is properly dealt with. – as they always should be.
      *Why in point 3 did I focus on Netherlands – well according to the Ipsos MORI poll Netherlands was the most accurate in its estimate of the size of its Muslim community.
      If that country had been included in the Chatham House/Kantar Public polling it would have made a little bit of a shift in the final results.
      Just saying.




      • Reg: I did not and do not agree with any polling conducted by the BBC.
        I worked for two top Market Research companies (TNS-now Kantar TNS- and Milward Brown) some years ago and believe me I know the difference between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions and how a survey(s) can be structured to give the desired answers.

        I agree with your points 1-4 that is why I wrote the BBC poll is ‘complete tosh’.


        • Colin
          “I worked for two top Market Research companies (TNS-now Kantar TNS- and Milward Brown)”
          (…and I don’t mean the mini-political party). : – )
          and Kantar was involved in this BBC one.

          (this is the kind of work I used to do before I retired:
          https://www.bis.org/publ/rpfx16.htm?m=6%7C35 – no polling, no projections, just pulling huge amounts of data together from other monetary organisations and data sources).
          It is a different world.


  2. Well! What do you know? Presumably all these people are racist xenophobes rather than simply ordinary folk concerned for their safety and identity. They must be, surely? Otherwise Mr Trump is actually in touch with the ordinary people and it is no wonder the Elite and their Soros-funded hive-minded clones hate him so much! Lol


    • Rev Simon – see my comment on Colin Tawn’s post above.
      Oh, and let’s keep Trump “the Elite and their Soros-funded hive-minded clones” out of it – it just adds another unhelpful dimension to it all.
      You ever lived/worked in the US?


  3. The West, like fools have open themselves to all cultures and religions and has tried to accommodate these differences, within a certain framework of tolerance and equality for all, including sexes and religion. These Muslims, don’t want to intergrate and have abused our hospitality and good nature, by disparaging, our culture, peoples, religion, women and ever worse raped our little children(Girls). They’ve even tried to bomb us, all because they wrongly believe they are better than us.

    Well we see then in a different light now and we don’t want to understand them or live with them.


  4. @rr
    I don’t want to derail this thread but your statement ‘There were no customers, sorry !’ is incorrect.
    We build and export them and buyers include countries such as Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey and Afghanistan.
    Whether you agree with the government policies of these countries or not I said there were buyers and there are.
    It is not so much that Johnson wasted £217,000 it is the lack of commercial nous inbred in the Civil Service that costs taxpayers money. They took the easy option IMV.


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