Trickett loses campaigning role in Corbyn’s new shadow team

HEMSWORTH MP Jon Trickett was today at the centre of fresh turmoil for Labour as Jeremy Corbyn tried to draw a line under the party’s Brexit vote woes.

Mr Trickett was relieved of his role as Labour’s election campaign co-ordinator just as the party is fighting two crunch by-elections.

His election responsibilities were passed to fellow MPs Andrew Gwynne and Ian Lavery while he was made Shadow Cabinet Office Minister and remains Shadow Lord President of the Council.

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3 Responses to Trickett loses campaigning role in Corbyn’s new shadow team

  1. reg reader says:

    Yes well,
    might be a good idea to also feature this
    Ukip leader Paul Nuttall denies lying about being at Hillsborough disaster
    …and all the other well-validated stories of UKIPs current leader’s fibs about his career as a football player and in academia.

  2. Colin Tawn says:

    Excuse my ignorance but I’m struggling to understand the leap in logic that takes us from Corbyn sacking his election co-ordinator to Paul Nuttall.
    Is this not a diversionary tactic?

    • reg reader says:

      not really – I’d emailed Rik with two stories that I thought he might want to feature (and he did) and just forgot to add this one to the list.

      Let’s face it the original story is pretty boring – even for people living in the Leeds region.

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