Awkward election moment as returning officer announces the wrong candidate has won

It’s been called the ‘Oscars moment’ of the general election – but not in a good way.

Jacqueline Collins, acting returning officer at the Mansfield count, took to the stage to announce the result – and declared Labour candidate Sir Alan Meale had been elected.

Except he wasn’t the winner – Conservative candidate Ben Bradley was.

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9 thoughts on “Awkward election moment as returning officer announces the wrong candidate has won

  1. Well, well well, if it isn’t Mrs Fix it and losing the plot at such an important event, announcing the Labour candidate as the winner when he wasn’t.

    Clearly, forgetting she isn’t ‘fixing it ‘ for Labour like she used to do regularly at RMBC. What a faux pas.

    Wonder who pulled the strings for her getting the job at Mansfield? No prizes for guessing who.

    Didn’t she clear her desk at RMBC at a moment’s notice and without a deal? Very strange and with her being a solicitor too. Says it all.

    Presumably Mansfield council selection processes should be robust enough to have checked her out before her appointment……?


  2. I made a formal complaint against Mrs Collins in her capacity as Monitoring Officer. With out going into too much detail, she put me under investigation under the code of conduct THREE times, and guess what, she stitched me up every time. During the first hearing I walked out, every time I asked an awkward question of the Chairman of the hearing Panel, she would stop the meeting and send me out whilst she told the now Ex Cllr Sims, what to do. When I complained that the process was unfair, and I wanted a independent witness, guess what, she made the rules up there and then of who I could and could not have present.
    She was in effect Judge, Jury and executioner. She was running the initial investigation, she was running the initial hearing panel, and she was running the actual Standards Committee Hearing. I made the complaint to the Commissioner ( who was acting Chief Executive, because Commissioner Myers did not want to know) her PA contacted me a few days later and asked did I still want to carry out my complaint, I replied yes. When I contacted them again a few days later to ask about my complaint, I was informed she had left RMBC. I am still trying to clear my name, but it seems at this moment in time that all monitoring Officers at RMBC seem to have trouble admitting they were wrong. I think its no coincidence that since 2012, I as an independent councillor had three stitched up hearings, and was the only one ever convicted. There were over 40 complaints against against Councillors at Anston Parish Council, and nearly all of them were against Labour Councillors ( including Cllr Beck, who at the time was on the Standards Committee) Not one of them passed Mrs Collins office to go on to the Committee. I hear on the grapevine that another independent Cllr is now also up before the Panel, yet the Labour sexual gropers get away with it.
    Standards what standards.
    I am really glad she has surfaced from the woodwork, I feel a letter coming on.


    • “i feel a letter coming on” – perhaps employing that tactic instead of being verbally abusive at meetings would have helped you avoid being brought before standards.


      • I really wish you would grow up.
        You posted a comment without offering any evidence to substantiate it.

        All of your (thankfully very few) comments so far are childish in the extreme.
        Drugs are bad,OK?


  3. Jacqueline Collins was a Labour stooge whilst employed by RMBC and her answers to valid criticism about her own and RMBC’s performance from members of the public were a masterly display of obfuscation and obstruction.
    Never forget she was also included in the ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ comment.


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