Andrew Vine: Desperate deal with DUP digs deeper hole for Tories

And now, as if to deliberately insult those voters, this tottering administration is wedding itself to the most socially illiberal grouping in Parliament to prop itself up.

Glowering DUP disapproval of abortion and, by extension the rights of women, and also same-sex marriage, put it at odds with the enlightened and fair-minded views of mainstream voters in the rest of the UK.

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8 thoughts on “Andrew Vine: Desperate deal with DUP digs deeper hole for Tories

  1. It’s a joke right Andrew “at odds with the enlightened and fair minded voters of the UK” . So what’s the alternative the guy who got a million and a half votes and 50+ seats less than the conservatives. The same man who has cosied up to some extreme Islamic fundamentalists, what’s their view on women’s rights etc. It’s utter bull.


      • ‘So you excuse the bloodstained pact with the dup butchers of belfast and their murdering paramiliatary wing’

        And the IRA were peace loving activists who were wholly misrepresented in the MSM as Drug dealers, Extortionists, Gun runners and Murderers?


  2. Would someone like to tell me how the peace process came about, I, obviously mistakenly thought it came about through dialogue with all the groups involved. Or perhaps there is a fairy godmother. Talking to these groups to find some kind of common ground in Ireland is a completely different position to getting into bed with a load of bigots, the members of her own party don’t want, just to hang on to power. It is time to stop trying to make Corbyn out to be a terrorist lover, even the queen shook hands with the leaders of Sinfein.
    I am sure someone will correct my spelling
    Dave Smith


    • No need to correct your spelling, Dave.
      You are spot on in how the Peace Process came about. A few good negotiators talking to both camps and trying and working to get to “yes”.


      • @Dave Smith and RR

        The peace talks between HMG and Sinn Fein/IRA came about because the IRA was heavily infiltrated by the Intelligence Services and most of the external funding for the IRA was stopped.
        ‘Sinn Féin is totally opposed to a power-sharing Stormont assembly and states that there cannot be a partitionist solution. Stormont is not a stepping-stone to Irish unity. We believe that the SDLP’s gradualist theory is therefore invalid and seriously flawed.’

        ‘Gerry Adams has marked the 10th anniversary of the IRA formally declaring its armed campaign was over by stating the “IRA was never defeated”.

        Adams is a snake in the grass IMV


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