The Case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

SKWIRCZYNSKI: The Case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

The past week saw the first anniversary of the EU membership referendum — a fitting occasion to take stock following an eventful year.

Given the reasonably close result on 23rd June 2016, swiftly followed by a prime-ministerial substitution, it is understandable that Theresa May would have wanted to seek another mandate from the nation by way of a General Election; this time to answer the question whether she is the right leader to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Unfortunately, the mandate awarded by the British people, albeit sufficient to keep our Prime Minister in the position she had taken over largely unopposed from David Cameron, is not as decisive as we would have hoped for. The new minority Government effectively empowers not only Her Majesty’s Opposition, but more importantly the European Union’s politicians in Brussels with whom the United Kingdom has only just begun to negotiate our exit this week.

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Rees-Mogg Slams ‘Colonial’ EU Plan to Keep Court Power in UK After Brexit

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, an unlikely Conservative Party rising star, has slammed the EU’s insistence their courts retain supremacy over British courts in some areas after Brexit as a form of “colonialism.”

The European Union (EU) has demanded the European Court of Human Rights (ECJ) oversees “directly enforceable vested rights” for EU nationals in the UK after it leaves the bloc.

Some have claimed this will create a two-tier legal system, with EU citizens entitled to more rights, and say it is almost unprecedented for a foreign court to hold such power over a sovereign nation in the modern era.

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26 thoughts on “The Case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

  1. Rees Mogg may ha e a Goff voice but he is extremely bright and able.
    Howls of abuse expected for that!
    I am not a member of his or any party, but having seen him debate during the referendum I found him to be precise, accurate and without malice or abuse. These are not common qualities in politicians.
    Please feel free to disagree


  2. JRM is correct. There is no valid evidence to suggest anything to the contrary.

    This is about the EU refusing to let go, partly because they refuse to acknowledge our referendum result for self determination and because they they have delusions about their own importance.


      • Ged….. Spoken like a true crass, illiterate , progressive left wing cringeworthy Yorkshireman……No insult intended for Yorkshire people in general…. ( I am one ) Just this type. We all know em !.


      • Ged better to have a plumsize ‘gob’ that one that would fit a banana… sideways…
        You asked for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • @Ged
        Why do you lefties really hate people who speak the Queen’s English?
        Why do you really hate people who are better educated than you?
        It is to everyone’s advantage that MP’s can talk clearly and concisely – think Harriet Harman/The Miliband Bros/Blair for example who were educated at private schools.
        Who the hell wants to listen to an ill educated buffoon who mangles his/her mother tongue and has no grasp of finance or foreign affairs?(Like Emily Thornberry)
        You might like it in your ‘working class’ group meetings but I can assure you no CLP will select a ragged a**ed candidate who never bothered to better his/herself.


      • Thank Goodness Ged , THAT LADIES STILL CAN PROTEST…The ladies and children of Rotherham protests were ignored, silenced, persecuted and abused under Labour Saying sorry and meaning it is not part of their vocabulary. ” We are doing better and moving on” is their pathetic substitute for honesty and remorse….Rotherham Labour has nothing to be arrogant about. That’s why I can still protest at your disgraceful ‘ right off ‘ of Mr Rees- Mogg.


    • “This is about the EU refusing to let go, ”
      I wish it were as simple as that.
      This is the EU’s negotiating position published June 12
      This is what UK Gov came up with 11 days later:
      Whilst I prefer the EU’s stance; I recognise that we need somehow to “get to yes” and we don’t have long to do it in.
      I just want the best for my many friends from other EU countires who have made thier home in UK, and my UK friends who live and work in other EU countries.


      • Reg….While you ” just want what is best for your friends at home and in Europe” is noble; what British people want is what is best for British people and their children and grandchildren after them…..I acknowledge and respect the research when presenting your argument but it invariably comes from a leftist source. I find it increasingly worrying that progressive left wing politics are more about telling us what to think instead of ‘ how’ to think.


        • Hi Linda
          you say ” British people want is what is best for British people and their children and grandchildren after them”.
          … and that is why my one Grandchild who qualifies for an Irish passport now has one. I paid for it:-)
          (This is her favourite uncle : ).
          Yes I am “leftist” as you say, and many people on here are from rightist to far rightist, but what I write is near always based on experience not on prejudice or frustration.
          (I’ve probably had far more practical, and frustrating experiences, with the European Commission than the rest of the commentators on this blog combined – times 100!) .
          I never aim to tell people what to think, but when presented with 2 articles from a far-far-right site like Breitbart – I felt it worth presenting an alternating view.

          Given that the “research”/ links I used on this thread came from the EU, Gov.UK , and Brietbart sites- which one do you think is a leftist source?
          I’m never saying what to think, just what I think. What I really don’t want is to be saying “I told you so” in two years time.
          ((My spell checker is broken – sorry)


  3. Rees – Mogg did not choose which family he was born into, nor one would assume, he had any say in his education. To attack someone who is a “toff”, shows a total disrespect for individuals. This so called left wing communist “class war” against any one who seems to have more than you, is not only dangerous for society, it shows that the lefties have very little political argument left.
    Even when Jezza loses by nearly a million votes, the communist party, tries to alter the truth, sound familiar, Russia all over again.


    • Sticking up for the gentry eh. Darnton abbey fan?

      Jacob Rees-Mogg has long standing links to the Mendip Hunt which hunts over his family’s land. Tally ho

      Just look at how he votes
      and connect with the victims of their odious austerity against vulnerable.


    • @S Thornton
      As I remember it, this “class war” was instigated by Margaret Thatcher.
      But I agree that Rees-Magg cannot help being a natural-born parody of 1920’s toff and I much prefer him to his think-alike colleague Sir William Cash MP.
      In fact, I would strongly support him being given a Lordship as a means of sending him to a place where he can do far less harm.


  4. Across our land communities differ. There are many who hanker after fox hunting and other old ways. No, I do not personally approve.
    As for filibusterers all parties can play that game to seek to win. Does that make for wickedness?
    I do like good humoured debate and real debate, a dialectic, is only possible between differing views and approaches. Also I can find someone likeable whether or not I agree with them
    Difference is not a bad thing


    • Hi Poetmorgan….Iv’e enjoyed your comments on this post…..I hate fox hunting a cruel and vile sport. I hate the killing of the unborn . I hate it that my compulsory taxes assist in paying for it. Personaly I would vote for no one , whatever party, who approved of either or showed selective outrage of one and not the other.


  5. Some MPs have violent side kicks. I have never been threatened by mates of a Tory, I cannot say this for some other parties.
    Linda, children of the well to do in the Mendips and Quantocks are “blooded”, that is they have the blood of the first kill on a hunt they attend smeared across their faces. Not all of them like this gore.
    Some start to life that is! Despite this there is a move amongst the young in these areas against cruel sports. Some things are s!ow to change.
    I decline to label and to write off whole sections of society or nationalities come to that.


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