The Rotherham Truth Campaign issues challenge to Rotherham councillors

The Rotherham Truth Campaign now calls on every elected member to agree with this statement:

“I call on Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive, to write a letter to all employees of RMBC about the importance of truthfulness in their communications with representatives and advocates of victims and survivors of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham.”

The RMBC online petition is here:

Please note this pdf:

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Latest update: A question begging for an answer

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3 Responses to The Rotherham Truth Campaign issues challenge to Rotherham councillors

  1. pleasant says:

    Prediction: If either Sharon Kemp or Ian Thomas are in any way associated with Common Purpose, they will continue to block, deny, refuse, delay, prevaricate – anything to prevent the truth, and supporting evidence, being told. It would not be surprising if they also attempted to stitch up anyone who had information that would expose them. Readers are invited to ask themselves: ‘Would ordinary decent, honest citizens act in this way ? Would people with even a spark of humanity deny the truth to victims of abuse?’ If no immediate truthful answer is forthcoming from Sharon Kemp or Ian Thomas, and ALL information released, then no citizen could be criticised for concluding that whilst ever Sharon Kemp or Ian Thomas or anyone associated with Common Purpose in any way are involved, then RMBC will continue to treat its citizens with sheer and utter contempt.

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