Views wanted on plans to ban spitting, litter and anti-social behaviour

TIME is running out to have your say on plans to ban spitting, drinking, urinating in public, littering and anti-social behaviour in a new designated zone including Rotherham town centre and Clifton Park.

Rotherham Borough Council is consulting on a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which would ban the following behaviour within the area ringed in red in the above map:

q Behaving in such a way or using language that causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to another person
q Drinking alcohol other than in a licensed premises or event
q Spitting
q Face-to-face fundraising and marketing carried out by organisations without permission of the council
q Failing to keep a dog on a leash and under control
q Using or carrying illegal drugs
q Littering
q Using a vehicle to cause a nuisance
q Urinating or defecating in a public place

Read on…,views-wanted-on-plans-to-ban-spitting-litter-and-antisocial-behaviour_23479.htm

13 thoughts on “Views wanted on plans to ban spitting, litter and anti-social behaviour

  1. Much of the trouble in Eastwood is due to drink enfuelled, the roads are litted with. Beer car and broken bottles, why carnt the council enact a street drinking ban, they have one on the city centre why not in troubled areas. If you agree then please post maybe then the council might actually do something to help residents instead of victimising them over non nationals,


  2. Great idea – just one serious concern ! Who is going to enforce the rules ? Civil Enforcement Officers and PCSOs do not have powers of arrest and are hamstrung if the offender(s) simply ignore them and walk away ! I can’t see SYP providing dedicated Constables to patrol the area. Sorry to sound negative but rules without backup simply do not work !


    • That’s so true, carnt even get police to patrol, police car parked up at the far end of hardwicke rd tonight dead end street around corner on empty house garden, for over an hour whilst officer stood at back of car chatting on mobile phone, he qaa seem and heard from Jennings rd flats also photos taken, and this is there idear of ” doing something positive”


      • hi john , if you see something that is a concern please go along to a police drop in , Erskine rd, zone 1 building . every weds 2pm . cheers .


    • Xinsider
      The local press reported last year that eastwood DOES have it own dedicated police team comprising a sergeant, PC and PCSOs. So why can’t be policed?


  3. Is spitting a cultural requirement of being a Roma? Almost every time I see one in town, be it male or female, they seem to be doing this. But I suppose this is only a minor niggle for they are, along with many other unwanted immigrants are defecating on our nation with impunity,


  4. If they implement this spitting fine. Do actually believe these people will simply make out they don’t understand English and get away with paying, yet they understand fully when it comes to collecting benifits


    • Rotherham tried to be a forward thinking city by integrating so many foreign residents, they only looked short term not long term, now there reaping what they sawed, no one has actually set any acceptable living rules on these nes


  5. Like it or not, it takes somebody with the b…s of a Donald Trump to sort Rotherham out. If Rotherham is not ready for that today it will be crying out for a Trump tomorrow……


    • It’s time the people stood up together and said this is our town to, the few become the many, at the end of the day councillors work for the people if they fail which they are, then kick them out and try another party.


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