Rotherham Starbucks plans served up

Detailed plans have been submitted to enable American coffee company and coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, to open a new outlet in Rotherham.

With nearly 25,000 retail stores around the world and 900 in the UK, the US coffee chain unveiled plans to open approximately 12,000 new stores globally by 2021. In addition to traditional high street, retail park, kiosk and other concessionary activity in the UK, a growing number are expected to be drive thru operations.

Following outline planning approval in 2015 for a new Rotherham outlet, details have now been submitted showing a 1,959 sq ft building on the existing car park at the Foundry Retail Park at Parkgate.

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10 thoughts on “Rotherham Starbucks plans served up

  1. Not another one!
    Costa coffee has already taken 25/30 parking spaces at Parkgate with their new shop.
    Entertaining the idea of a Starbucks as well to take away more parking spaces is either lunacy or part of RMBC’s cunning plan to force car drivers to use the ‘free’ bus or divert to Meadowhall.
    How many food and drink outlets does Parkgate Retail Park need?
    Perhaps a more pertinent point is why does a Labour council encourage a US. company that has taken tax avoidance to new levels?
    You couldn’t make it up.


    • ‘Their’ planning ahead for the first tram to arrive at Parkgate.
      Which will bring all the coffee drinking connoisseur’s from Sheffield.

      Come on Colin all the invisible people who are going to be using the tram, will need to drink coffee somewhere.


  2. What do you expect grom the dim chair of planning aitkin. Not up on the politics like tax avoidance. Hes Still in timewarp of new labour la la land


  3. Rotherham is getting like Sheffield, everything there is aimed towards meadowhall and out of city centre, maybe they they might clean up Eastwood now, especially if so many are going to be driving past it to get to parkgate, about time we had a ” vote of no confidence” with this council and outted the leader,


  4. So the shoppers of B&M, The Range and carpet/furniture buyers will fancy an expensive latte after their visit? At least this car park isn’t as busy as the Home Bargains one across the road or the Parkgate Retail park one.
    The council said there wasn’t a suitable 0.2-0.3 hectare site within Rotherham. Really? No space for a coffee shop in Rotherham town centre? Maybe not if they wanted an empty space but there must have been a suitable retail unit that could have been converted if they had looked hard enough………….


    • How long before we have to pay for parking at Retail World ?…..I bet the idea as been pondered ….I reckon when tram link is up and running myself ..when people can park at Retail World and go to Meadowhall or Sheffield by tram … thus not spending their money at Parkgate.


      • Parking charges will not be introduced at Parkgate Retail Centre. All major retail shopping complexes provide free parking, it helps to attracts shoppers.
        Your statement that reduced shoppers at Parkgate will lead to car park charging is ludicrous.


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