Was this why Sarah had to resign?

As usual Guido was on to the story, click image to read:

Full story: http://wp.me/P1ko7Z-8C2

6 thoughts on “Was this why Sarah had to resign?

  1. Truth is dead – maybe Rotherham (and other towns, Telford, Reading, Oxford, Newcastle, Luton, Rochdale etc etc etc etc) need genuinely Independent MPs and councils (oh, but whom?!) so that we can actually face up to the real issues. This sort of denial was identified by Casey as precisely one of the major reasons why the abuse ran on unchecked and unchallenged. Simply unbelievable….


  2. Dare I say that to refer to “The Jewish Problem” and the Nazi solution was propaganda to destroy a nation without any genuine, rational reason and is disingenuous in relation to the Muslim problem .The article in The Sun simply puts the truth of the epidemic of CSE in many towns and cities in the UK, into the spotlight and identifies the ethnicity of the huge majority of the gang members. Both Prof Jay and Dame Casey mentioned this fact in their Reports but were not fully commented on in any of the mainstream media. I submit that there is no comparison and the complaint(s) should not be upheld !


  3. The great difference is that the Nazis spread lies and innuendoes about the supposedly pernicious influence of all Jews, as a race, on German society in general. Sarah Champion’s comments acknowledge a FACT: that disproportionate numbers of Pakistani men (but not all Pakistani men nb) are engaged in acts of sexual violence against white girls. These particular men are not only criminals, they are racist criminals. I imagine her comments imply legal, social and educational approaches to addressing this issue – not some genocidal mania.


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