Ruthlessly Silenced

By lying to ourselves, more vulnerable girls are put at risk

BRITISH author Frances Hardinge once wrote: “Truth is dangerous. It topples palaces and kills kings…And yet there is one thing that is more dangerous than Truth. Those who would silence Truth’s voice are more destructive by far.” I don’t know if Labour MP Sarah Champion is a fan of Ms Hardinge, but surely those words must carry some resonance with her today.

Because Ms Champion, elected by the people of Rotherham to be their spokesperson in Parliament, has been ruthlessly silenced – and sacked from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet – simply for telling the truth. Truth was indeed dangerous in this case – it resulted in a dedicated MP who has emerged as staunch advocate for child victims of sexual abuse, being smeared as a racist and hounded from her job.

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5 thoughts on “Ruthlessly Silenced

  1. When children in Rotherham were being abused and raped on an industrial scale by men from the Pakistani Muslim community the controlling Labour group at RMBC closed ranks cloaking themselves in the excuse of the threat to social cohesion for not dealing with the criminals.

    Political correctness and the need to retain the block Pakistani postal vote overrode any move to name the ethnic and religious background of the criminals.

    Pakistani Muslim criminals have successfully managed to silence Ms Champion, the Labour party has come down on the side of child rapists, it had been said that individuals had fixed the police and the local paper, well they have certainly fixed Ms Champion

    Noticeable by their silence are the voices from the other Rotherham area MPs.

    A sad day for the freedom of speech, a bad day for democracy and a dangerous time for children across the country as we are dragged back by a medieval attitude towards young girls.


  2. It is a great pity that Labour councillors who were aware of what was happening (Jay Report) have refused to share their burden of accountability and responsibility. Rather than adopting a wall of silence and memory loss.
    Instead they take comfort from the support they continue to receive form the local leadership and the fact that Rotherham voters continue to elect them.


  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the comments that got Ms Champion sacked. However, she only has herself to blame. She has been involved in silencing others, and now it is her turn. She has been involved in the manipulation of the truth and now she is learning how that affects its victims. She has cosied up to Kevin Barron, whose only interest seems to be to stop people smoking. He is not concerned with the corruption that has decimated this area, being allegedly corrupt himself, and while they were thick as thieves when they were sueing the UKIP MEP, I guarantee that he won’t stick his neck out now to help her. What goes around comes around Ms Champion!!


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