RMBC wants to make money from their inquiry

A couple of interesting links here:

Child Sexual Exploitation After Rotherham: Understanding the Consequences and Recommendations for Practice Kindle Edition

and then came across this 

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997 – 2013: The Rotherham Report Paperback – 17 Oct 2014

RMBC is monetizing the Inquiry!!! 

3 thoughts on “RMBC wants to make money from their inquiry

  1. If it was the load of tripe and whitewash served up by “Internal Audit”( or should that be Infernal Audit) last week it would have appeared on Amazon under “Fairy Tales”, or in the Farming section under “Bullsh*t ! As Debz says, above, why are they selling off a report into their grubby incompetence when it has been available free, online, from the date of publication ?
    This could be a cynical ploy by the Council Leader to use the Jay Report as a benchmark to show how much RMBC has “improved” since 2014 – unfortunately we all know that this is untrue !
    I feel that the HoC Select Committee should became involved once more and use their powers to force those who refused to cooperate with the Internal Inquiry to answer questions, under oath, as was the case of the odious Mr Wright !


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