Labour member suspended months after councillor reports anti-Semitic posts

The Labour Party has suspended a member over anti-Semitic abuse only after a councillor accused the party on social media of failing to act.

Adam Langleben, who represents West Hendon on Barnet Council in north London, said he reported the woman to the party in July.

The member had shared anti-Semitic posts on social media, he said.

“The Labour Party is committed to challenging and campaigning against anti-Semitism,” a spokesperson said.

Mr Langleben said the member, who lives in the Barnet constituency, had shared anti-Semitic posts via several social media profiles including on the @GazaBoatConvoy Twitter account.

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11 thoughts on “Labour member suspended months after councillor reports anti-Semitic posts

  1. It is difficult to untangle stories like this one – what is anti-Zionism (acceptable) and what is anti-semitic (totally unacceptable). I strongly support BDS, but I certainly am not antisemitic.

    As far as I can tell the lady in question is this lady:
    Laura Stuart:
    There certainly is a twitter account but it has less than 3000 followers – and it links to a website that doesn’t appear to have ever existed.
    Can anyone help make sense of all this?


    • Unfotunatly Reg it’s your nemesis again… Don’t think I can comment on this particular case but I offer a view on your comment on the supposed difference of Anti Zionism and Anti Semitism. Being able to distinguish between the two is very difficult for many and I think you know it…
      . Anti Zionism is often just a cover-up Anti Semites use to deflect the real issue.
      In a recent post of yours Jewish David Horowitz did not appear in a very positive light.
      David appeared at UCSD , Q & A time. A Muslim student was asked by David Horowitz if she would condemn Hizbollah as a terrorist organisation… She did not want to answer the question… Horowitz put it another way “The head of Hizbollah has said he hopes all Jews will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to ‘hunt us down’ for it, or against it, to which the young muslim lady replied ” for it”
      I guess I would ask the same question of an Anti -Zionist Reg…I pose the same question .Would you condemn Hammas as a terrorist organisation…… The head of Hizbollah has publicly said he hopes all Jews would gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt them down… For it or against it…..


        • Reg, Your ” strong support” of the the BDS is disturbing. Their ties to the Moslem Brotherhood are undeniable. To say you are a strong supporter of BDS and not anti-semitic is unconscionable…I do not wonder that I and my posts are a nemesis to you and possibly I am written off as ‘nutter’ in your view ….. It seems I am in very good company according to your standard . You flatter me Reg.


  2. Hi Poetmorgan… Not sure I understand your post. Could you explain. Looked at the mass wedding of little girls and don’t know whether it real or fake. That girls have a say in who thy marry is beyond dispute, they don’t.
    Can you also explain Nobel Prize comment. I’m puzzled.


  3. Only 1 Muslim ever got Nobel Prize, over 120 Jews.
    There are over a billion Muslims and just a few million Jews (not sure of numbers) The Muslims out number Jews by approx 100 to 1. They seem to lack original creativity compared to other population groups.
    This seems to happen when a creed has all the answers and discourages questioning or real debate.
    This seems not the case with most other religions.

    As for Hamas weddings I do not know if that is fact or fake. The pictures are not nice!


    • @poetmorgan If your figures are correct PM it is a cause of wonder to me that over a billion Muslims and the might of Nazi Germany couldn’t rid the world of Jews though they put all their superior might into it. It just makes me wonder why……


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