Fitzgerald fraud probe: Mayor Joe Anderson quizzed under police caution

Mayor Joe Anderson quizzed under police caution

Fitzgerald fraud probe: Mayor says he is “anxious to help”

The Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has been interviewed under caution by police, the ECHO can exclusively reveal.

Mayor Anderson was quizzed by officers from Lancashire Police relating to an ongoing fraud investigation that has seen the council’s chief executive Ged Fitzgerald arrested.

The interview was believed to have taken place at the end of last year.

Operation Sheridan is investigating alleged financial impropriety centred around Lancashire Council’s BT joint venture, One Connect – the sister operation of the now defunct Liverpool Direct BT deal.

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Liverpool mayor ‘interviewed under caution’ over fraud probe

The mayor of Liverpool has been interviewed under caution as part of a fraud inquiry into a council contract.

Joe Anderson went to a police station in November over an investigation into financial irregularities at Lancashire County Council, it has emerged.

Mr Anderson said he had met police “voluntarily” under caution, amid growing calls for him to “step aside”.

Four men, including Liverpool’s chief executive, have been arrested and bailed pending further inquires.

Lancashire Police has been investigating allegations of financial irregularities over the tendering of a £5m contract with One Connect Ltd, a joint venture between the Lancashire County Council and BT to run some services since 2013.

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7 thoughts on “Fitzgerald fraud probe: Mayor Joe Anderson quizzed under police caution

  1. Is it true that fitzgerald and Rotherham cllrs outsourced/privatised council services to the same company?

    Investigation may need extending to rmbc.


    • Yes, it was called RBT Connect. Exactly the same set-up as ours (Liverpool Connect) and Lancashire’s (One Connect). Joint ventures with Fitzgerald’s best friends BT, with the same mix of opaque pricing, over-charging and blag. Ended in 2012 (I think) soon after he moved on to Lancashire.


  2. Yes I beleive it was called BT Connect in Rotherham the lead member on the cabinet responsible
    Was Cllr Ken Wyatt the same who was at the 2005 CSE seminar when they all knew but kept quiet
    Rotherham finished the contract early for some reason at a cost to the rate payer
    Wonder why that was ?


    • Cav
      Seems that the trio of wyatt atkin and ellis are always in the thick of things. Always sit next to each other at meetings and since cse been looked after… think they know tòo much.


    • Albion/cav
      Would freedom of investigation shed any lighht?

      Would there be any merit for someone to either ask the question at next council meeting?

      As s yorks police still got incestuous links with our council. Request that the investigating force to extend its inquiries to rovrum?


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