Really? One-in-three ready to pay

One-in-three ready to pay £40 green bin charge

ONLY a third of households have expressed an interest in paying to have their garden waste taken away.

But Rotherham Borough Council says this will be enough to sustain the new system when the changes arrive later in 2018.

A £40-a-year charge is planned for garden waste, which would become a year-round service rather than seasonal.

Cllr Emma Hoddinott, cabinet member for waste, said: “The way officers have modelled the scheme is that it pays for itself appropriate to the level of take-up.

“Clearly, if only a tiny number of people decided to do so we would have to consider whether this was viable.

Read on…,oneinthree-ready-to-pay-40-green-bin-charge_25863.htm

4 thoughts on “Really? One-in-three ready to pay

  1. Typical Hoddinott, makes it up as she goes along, she’s determined to make this crackpot scheme take place. After all, she’s had enough stick about this scheme to last her a lifetime as well as a kick up the rear from The Environment Minister about Rotherham being the only authority not dealing with the recycling of plastics.

    Don’t know who she has been asking but I haven’t found a single resident who is prepared to pay this extra £40 green bin tax or sees the point of it. If you look after your property and keep a tidy garden then you are penalised but behave like a lot in Eastwood and just keep chucking your rubbish out as the council will come and clean it up. That’s her philosophy.

    Now the plastics debacle costs have been added onto the council tax 2017/18, she’ll be looking for selling more dropped kerbs to make up any shortfall she can find. Better still, she needs to put her energies into cleaning up Eastwood and get that ongoing monster of a bill down.

    What a train wreck she is, ‘not fit for purpose’ but sharing a pillow with boy Read (she thinks) allows her to get away with ‘murder’. Except we all know just how crappy her ideas are and being shamed in The Times 2014/15 hasn’t taught her a thing. After all, she can run everything by email (like boyfriend does) and not leave the house or their hot mugs of cocoa.


  2. Spot on well said
    But they will keep voting them back in just when will they realise they are being dumped on from a great height like the saying goes in Rotherham pin a red rose on a donkey


  3. The entire Labour council voted against low cost housing for low income and homeless people whilst the National party encourages more and more immigrants to fllodd the housing market and form “communities” in places like Eastwood…
    They don’t care who they are or what benefits they claim – as long as they honour their vote to Labour


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