3 thoughts on “Maajid Nawaz discusses the Telford Scandal 15/03/18

  1. An interesting televised debate on the sexual abuse of young, vulnerable white children throughout the UK except, once again, the use of the tern “paedophiles” The minority ethnic group referred to does NOT consist of paedophiles – they are RAPIST and TRAFFICKERS – end off !


  2. The discussion touches on the distinction between type 1 (gang grooming and rape) and type 2 (common paedophilia) sexual crimes and there is some attempt to conflate these as a common problem. The major distinction to bear in mind is that huge efforts ARE being made to detect, punish, protect from and prevent type 2. The scandal is that the same rigorous approach is not and has not being deployed against type 1. The statistic of 84% of type 1 being attributable to 2% of the male population is the telling one…


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